We met some of our most valuable clients through SIMS, could you be next?

Running popular networking events for three years allowed us to meet so many local businesses just like yours. 

Our speciality is teaching non-technical people technical things, a motto that we carry through into our work as Measured Brilliance. We believe that you should understand and be in control of your entire online presence, from your website to your data, audience growth and lead generation channels. We don’t just ‘build’ websites for our clients, we make sure you have the tools and resources (and the know-how) to move forward with confidence.

Having those goals led is to start our community, SIMS Digital Skills for Small Businesses, which focusses on teaching business owners digital skills to grow their businesses. We cover a wide range of subjects from our ‘ask the experts’ social media panel to talks on the power of podcasting and how to be natural and authentic in your copywriting. You can find out more on our website www.simsdigitalskills.co.uk.

We’ve taken SIMS online with SEO Conversion Academy, where businesses now have even more ways to improve their website and stay ahead of their competitors.

We’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and SIMS has been a great way to meet some of them. Here’s a look at a few of our great clients who were also SIMS attendees:

Blue Pebble Coaching

Izzy was a regular SIMS member who came to us for help with her plan for a new website. Now she a website that works effectively for her and integrates seamlessly with her social media activity. Having an attractive, functional website is key for Izzy as it allows her potential customers to see that she is trustworthy and effective at what she does.

Archway Carpets

If you live in East Suffolk, you probably know Darrell from Archway Carpets. A social media guru, we helped Darrell unify the Archway Carpets brand with a brand-new website, empowering him to effectively market the business across his entire online presence. 


Michelle from Zedbox was an avid attendee of SIMS. When interest in Zedbox began to blow up, they needed a comprehensive landing page live so that they could capitalise on the huge wave of interest they received. Shortly after that, we worked with Michelle and the Zedbox team to build their full website, so that they could effectively market Zedbox well before its official launch.

All of these people had problems that they needed solving. Do you? If so, we can help. We’re trusted, reliable and local, that’s why we’re a great choice for you.

Not sure whether we could help you? Let us review your website and provide you with a free report, so that you can start gaining better control over your online presence.

Now that we have taken the digital training of SIMS online, you can get the advice and tips from our experts directly to your inbox with our SEO Conversion Academy.