If you wanted to make changes to your website, would it be easy for you? It should be.

As a small businesses owner, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about who controls your website. You should be able to say with certainty that you are the one in control. That’s the value of our websites, they empower you to adapt and improve them as your business grows.

Although it might sound like a great idea to have someone external take care of your website, it can quickly turn into a web horror story. We’ve spoken to so many small businesses over the years where it turns out that they have little or no control over their website, its pages and the content on it. 

This is Sue.

Sue is a business owner who has her own website. It performs well, but it doesn’t quite reflect the products that she offers anymore, so she wants to make a few changes to her content. Unfortunately, her relationship with her web developer has soured over the years.

She calls her web developer to request the changes, but there’s no answer. A few days later she tries again, no luck. Finally, Sue manages to get into contact with her web developer and describes the changes she would like to make to the website. 

Despite only being a matter of changing a few paragraphs of text and some images, her web developer is charging her £500 to make the changes. 

It shouldn’t be this difficult (or expensive) for Sue to make changes to her website. Because she isn’t in control of her own website she’s having to jump through hoops and hand over money that she shouldn’t have to.

We help people just like Sue.

Our websites, built in Squarespace, do what you want them to do. They’re safe, secure, easy to edit and, most importantly, they’re yours. We are not like other web companies. As well as a website, we build (or re-brand) all your social media profiles and create a Mailchimp account, for you, and then we train you how to get all these elements to work together to help your business grow online. 

No hidden extra fees. No headaches. You can make changes in minutes and focus on running your business.

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