Working with local business associations to empower small businesses

We are huge advocates of local business communities, which is why we were so thrilled when the opportunity to work with Choose Woodbridge presented itself. Being at the heart of the small business community in Suffolk as the team behind SIMS, we took this chance to further give back to small businesses in Woodbridge and the surrounding area.

Our very own Sam Parnell, who has previous experience with business associations as an ISSBA committee member, said this;


“Working with Choose Woodbridge has allowed us to help so many small businesses in such a small space of time. We helped them extend their reach online and get the most value from their Choose Woodbridge membership. It’s been a valuable experience that has showed us how we can help small businesses do even more online in the future.”


Working with both the staff and all the small businesses that are members of Choose Woodbridge was an incredible experience for us and allowed us to provide even more value on a local level. Using our years of digital marketing experience, we helped the Choose Woodbridge team organise and optimise their internal system to maximise their online audience. We understand how important it is for small, local businesses to remain a prominent part of our high streets, which is why Choose Woodbridge was such a great fit for us. 

We went above and beyond with our work on social media and the Choose Woodbridge website, ensuring that the news, events and offers of the Choose Woodbridge members had as wide a reach as possible. From cafes, to florists and even lingerie shops, we helped the members of Choose Woodbridge by providing high-quality digital marketing and support. We taught them how to best take advantage of Choose Woodbridge’s social media presence to share their information with a wider audience. We also bolstered Choose Woodbridge’s social media offering with the addition of an Instagram account, helping to drive even more engagement for the small business community.

We were elated to be involved with great events such as Woofbridge, the Town 102 Christmas Countdown and the Choose Woodbridge Advent Calendar. It’s events like these that really showcase the passion of Woodbridge small businesses, of which we were proud to sing their praises online. 

As we strive to empower small businesses to succeed online, Sam will be staying involved with Choose Woodbridge as a consultant on the new board, so our passion for this project and for Woodbridge continues.

If you are a business association, or a small business
and you would like to know more about the work that we have done with Choose Woodbridge, 
you can send us an email at or give us a call on 01473 631344