How running SIMS helps us create the perfect website for your business

It can be a hassle to deal with multiple companies when you're building and growing your web presence. One company designs your website, another builds it, another sets up your social media and another might handle your SEO, and so on. You’re juggling different contacts whenever you want to make a change, when you should just be focusing on making more sales. Here at Measured Brilliance, we focus on building you a website to act as a sales funnel and we teach you how to use it effectively. 

As the team behind SIMS, a monthly meetup for businesses to learn how to make more from their web presence, we stood up, tested ourselves and taught digital skills to small businesses every month because we’re passionate about helping them be more effective online. Our methods, our work and our results has been reviewed every month by hundreds of companies just like yours.

How many other digital marketing companies are willing to put their reputation on the line?

We spent more than three years standing up in front of companies asking and being asked about websites, SEO and social media. We've taken all that experience and included it all in our All-In-One Website package, which means you only have to deal with one local and trusted company, us!

We met and spoke to representatives from so many local businesses, big and small, helping us pinpoint exactly what business owners found most important when it comes to digital marketing.

We never want to just ‘build’ a client’s website, we want provide all the extra tools and services they need, and make sure they know how to use each one (our training is clear and easy to understand) and how it fits in with the rest of their online presence. Most importantly, we want to put the business owner in control.

Listening to the SIMS audience allowed us to see how important being empowered to change content on a website, effectively marketing products and services using social media and the ability to track performance using analytics can be to any business. Good working practices can be the difference between a business succeeding or failing. 

We use our experience of teaching non-technical people technical things to ensure that our work is effective and understandable for businesses of all sizes. We don’t use jargon that is going to confuse you, we make sure that you can leave every meeting and conversation knowing exactly where you stand. We’re also happy to record all of our sessions, so that you can revisit them whenever you want.

When you work with us, you work with a team that is trusted, reliable and committed to helping local businesses succeed online, we started in Suffolk, but we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses over the years, from health & safety consultants to carpet-fitters. Our All-In-One Website package isn’t limited to just ecommerce, our websites are right for any industry.

Not sure whether it’s for you? Let us review your website and provide you with a free report, so that you can start gaining better control over your online presence. 

We've taken the digital training of SIMS online! You can get the reporting, training, advice and guidance from our experts directly to your inbox with SEO Conversion Academy. Find out more here.