Improve your SEO, increase your audience and turn visitors into customers.

Expand your audience, increase your sales and turn your website into the envy of your competitors. We bring everything you need straight to your inbox.

SEO Conversion Academy makes optimising your website easy to understand, so that you can leap ahead of your competitors online. We've helped hundreds of small businesses take control of their SEO and social media. No matter how technical you are, we can help your business to grow online.


Curated by experts.
Just the data you need so you don't have to waste valuable time.


Easy-to-Follow Action Plans
Clear steps to take. Make your web presence more valuable one step at a time.


Take action on your schedule.
Everything you need comes straight to your inbox. Perfect for busy people like you.


What's Included?

SEO Conversion Academy has it all.
 Everything you need to stay in the know, ahead of your competitors.
You will receive:

  • Easy-To-Read Reports
  • Monthly, In-Depth Digital Guides
  • Access to Digital Marketing Experts
  • Monthly, Three-Step Action Plan
  • A Monthly Update of SEO news
  • Quarterly SEO Audits With Experts

Not sure if this is right for you? Talk to us. We'd love to hear about what you're looking to achieve with your website. Call us on 01473 631344.


Expert curation and easy-to-understand action points.

It can be a huge hassle to sift through your Google Analytics, how do you know what’s important data and what isn’t? Easy, you let us handle it. Our clear and easy-to-understand reports will tell you how your website is performing.

Our monthly reporting includes a clear Action Plan to help your business achieve its targets for online growth. We don't just curate and translate the technical data, we help you turn it into a monthly task list.

Not only that, we also include a vigorously curated round-up of SEO news and tips every month, giving you the tools that you need to further succeed in the digital world.

A consistent stream of valuable information.

We don’t just bundle all of the content together and send it all to you at the end or the beginning of the month, we make sure you receive a consistent stream of information for your business.

Not technical? Don’t worry.

We work with hundreds of small businesses with varying degrees of technical ability. Notice how this page doesn’t include lots of technical terms and strange tables? That’s by design. Our reporting does include graphs, charts and tables, but we make sure to include handy explanations underneath to keep them clear.


Everything you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Not technical? Don't worry, SEO Conversion Academy is designed for you.


Are you like Phil?

Phil runs a small business and wants to increase lead generation from his website. Here's the value he gets from SEO Conversion Academy:

  • Phil knows exactly how his website is performing.
    He knows where his online visitors are coming from and what's working for him. He can plan an effective content marketing strategy, because he understands his web traffic. He stopped wasting hours on social networks that didn't bring in leads.
  • Phil is aware of big changes on the web and how they might affect his business, so he can plan accordingly.
    With the monthly update, he knows when Google are planning big changes and how it will effect him. It keeps him one step ahead of local competitors, for example when he's ready for all the latest Google My Business features.
  • Phil is using services he might never have approached before.
    Our digital guides gave him the kickstart he needed to jump into online services such as Hootsuite, YouTube and Google My Business. Now he's working much more effectively all over the web, reaching audiences he never knew existed.

Everything you need to make more from your presence on the web.


Curated SEO Reports

Our SEO reports are curated to give you only the important data that is relevant to your business.

You don’t have to spend hours searching through graphs and tables to find the important stuff, we do it all for you. It's really important to us that you aren't overwhelmed or confused by your own data, so we make sure to focus on the really important pieces of data that are important to your business

Clear and concise, we’ll tell you exactly what each piece of data means for your business and where it comes from.


Every carefully-chosen graph, chart and table has a clear explanation of the data and what it means for you.


3 Point Action Plan

The most common question we hear from businesses is “what should I be doing next to improve my SEO?”. That’s why we provide you with a 3-step Action Plan, every single month, that tells you exactly what you need to do to improve your website’s optimisation. No hassle, it comes straight into your email inbox.

You get crystal-clear tips and instructions that work for your business. Each one can be combined with our reporting to make it even more useful for your website. We use our years of SEO and digital marketing knowledge to give you pointers that are effective and easy to carry out.


Get ahead of SEO and social media changes that could affect your business.

Sometimes big changes happen online that can hurt your business if you aren’t prepared. We know it can be tough to keep up with the constant barrage of updates and changes, which is why we handle it and make your life easier. Each month we curate the most important news from the digital industry to deliver you a comprehensive update of everything that could affect your business. We make sure to include opportunities as well as risks.

Whether Google are planning a big change or Facebook has altered the way they share your content, you need to know so that you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.


SEO and social media changes all the time. Discover opportunities, risks and rewards that these changes bring. 


Digital Marketing Guides

There are tools, social networks and techniques that can generate more engagement, sales and leads and improve your digital marketing. You might already be using them and not leveraging all the value you could be. Our guides are monthly deep dives on a tool or technique that you should know about, and be able to use.

Whether it’s an introduction to email marketing on MailChimp, or a tutorial to set up your first ad campaign with Facebook Ads, we teach you the skills you need to expand your audience and increase your sales.


Quarterly SEO Audits With Our Experts

See your SEO in a completely different light with quarterly, in-depth sessions with our digital marketing experts. 

Using our wide range of experience, we take the time to go through your data with you in a way that is both comprehensive and easy to understand, showing you the clear steps that you can take to improve your website’s optimisation and content marketing. We help you find hidden opportunities and show you how to discover more in the future.

Whether you want your audit to be held in-person or over the internet, we can accommodate you and your team. Our audits are also a great opportunity to ask any questions and reassure yourself that all of the changes that you have made are working positively for your business. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track.


Exclusive Conversion Academy Content

Even More Experts

Our team are experts in a range of topics, but SEO, digital marketing and the topics you care the most about are wide and varied. To make sure you have what you need, we bring in experts from across the industry and give you access to them via Q&A's, interviews that focus on content you ask for and concise write-up's.

Everything is produced in short, easy-to-understand formats with clear advice and guidance.

Screencasts & Videos

Opportunities, risks and rewards come up all the time, and we need to provide you extra information quickly and efficiently. We do that with our exclusive videos that are short, simple and to the point.

We might look in detail at a tool we've covered in a guide, or something we've featured in The Update, we might point you to a new tool or tell you not to worry.

Curated Social Media Reporting*

You might be using social media differently from other companies, you might be dominating on Instagram and Pinterest, while your competitors are dominating Twitter.

We can provide additional reporting as part of your package that focuses on social media and the impact your work is having on your traffic, leads and engagement.

* Additional custom reporting charged separately.

Work directly with the team behind SIMS.

SIMS is one of the most trusted and respected groups in the south-east helping small businesses, charities and local governments improve their digital skills and make more from the web. The best of our monthly meet-ups, workshops and online training have been distilled in this all-in-one package.

We provide you with the training you need in order to create the most effective content for your business including blogs, video content, images and more. SEO Conversion Academy gives you the power to transform your business online.


Some of the people on this page are representative examples of our customers. Our case studies are real-life examples. Want to hear what our customers say? Read our testimonials and see our work.