Effective and optimised content for your website and social media pages.

We get to know your business, then each month we deliver fresh content designed to help you engage with your customers, increase your audience and make sales.

Good content will help you succeed online. Blog posts, social media posts and branded, targeted images show people what you do, promote your business, tell your story and greatly improve your SEO. Our content package will build up your brand, build trust with your audience and will ultimately increase your sales.


Ready to distribute on social media.
For each blog post, we produce social media posts to engage your audience and guide people back to your website.


Never be stuck for ideas again.
Coming up with new blog and post ideas all the time is tough. We provide re-usable ‘shareable’ content that you can use whenever you need.

Email new content to your leads every month.
You can use the content we deliver each month in your email marketing. We make it easy to let us know the topics you want to cover.


What's Included?


It can be tough to know what to talk about, or maybe you know exactly what you want to talk about, but you're not finding the time to write. We combine your knowledge with our expertise and experience of SEO and digital marketing to provide you with the right words and images.

  • Blog posts for your website.
    Get an intial draft, provide your feedback and then have a blog post ready to publish.
  • ‘Shareable’ Images
    We love words, but they go even better with pictures. We provide branded images, ready to go straight on to your social media profiles and reach new people.
  • Social Media Posts For Multiple Platforms
    You need to tell people about your new blog posts, about your offers, products, news and updates. Now they're all done.
  • Email Marketing*
    If you use Mailchimp or other email marketing software, have content ready to go out to your customers every month.

Want to have a chat about how we work with people like you, in industries like yours? Give us a call on 01473 631344.


What if you don’t have the time for content marketing?

Content marketing (adding great content to your website and social media pages regularly) is not something you can ignore as a business owner. Even if you don't have the time to write content yourself, you're losing out on sales and leads that you could be capturing. Content marketing is for the long-term, Google will be reading (indexing) the content and showing it to potential customers for years to come.

We understand how valuable both your online presence and your time are. We'll work with you initially to make sure that the content we deliver is hitting all the right notes in order to drive leads and improve your sales.


Your days of struggling to come up with an interesting blog post concept will be at an end, freeing up your valuable time whilst we deliver the content that your business needs.


Be like Jenny.

Jenny runs a growing small business and wants to reach more people online. She knows that she needs regular new content for her blog and social media pages. Here's what our content package can offer.

  • Targeted, relevant content every month.
    Whether something important is happening in her industry or there's a big event in the near future, Jenny knows that her content will cover it and be relevant for her network, her business and her customers.
  • She feels more connected to her target audience.
    Now that she has great blog posts and social posts, Jenny's engagement with her audience is much higher. Blog posts provide a look ‘inside’ a business, building a real relationship between Jenny and her potential customers.
  • She has an effective content marketing strategy planned out for the future.
    Jenny knows what's coming up for her business and this is now reflected in what she posts online. She can focus on running her business, knowing that she has effective, relevant content engaging her audience.

 Content Marketing to Take Your Business Further

Our content marketing package powerfully works to expand your audience and increase your lead generation.

Blog posts that use the right keywords.

Regular, relevant blog posts shared on social media will keep your audience engaged, updated and consistently remind them of what your brand stands for. Driving traffic to your website generates leads and sales, which is why it's so important that you have engaging blog content. 

Your blog isn't just for your visitors. Google use the content on your website to determine which search terms are relevant to you. This helps decide how often they show your website to new potential customers. New blog posts help you guide Google to show your website to the right new customers.

We do the research needed to place ourselves in your industry, so we can write content that is relevant and tailored to your audience.



Your latest content needs to be where your customers are.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Ready-to-publish social media posts for your business.

We’ll prepare a series of social posts for you to schedule out over the entire month. You can schedule the posts and get back to running your business.

The posts are a mixture of long-form for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and short-form for Twitter. You can supplement our content with your own, but you won't need to worry about what to type every day.

Visitors from social media are becoming increasing important for any business. Without them, you risk relying on Google searches, referrals and word-of-mouth alone, you could already be losing out on potential sales.

Don’t feel comfortable using scheduling tools? Don’t worry, because we offer the training that can teach you everything you need to know.


‘Shareables’: Branded images and photos to go with your social media posts.

We’ll design a collection of reusable images that you can share, for use in all of your online content. You can use them in blog posts, on Facebook and LinkedIn. It's up to you.

Our ‘shareables’ are effective images that get your message across quickly. They give your audience important information about your products and services in easy-to-understand images.

You need attractive images that not only convey your brand, but are easily-digestible. Most of these image shareables will be designed to fit your social media posts, but they will also be usable in any other content you want to post.


Work directly with the team behind SIMS.

SIMS is one of the most trusted and respected groups in the south-east helping small businesses, charities and local government learn improve their digital skills and making more from the web.

Our content marketing package allows you to focus on what's really important to you, running your business.

Some of the people on this page are representative examples of our customers. Our case studies are real-life examples. Want to hear what our customers say? Read our testimonials and see our work.