Social Media and SEO Training. Expand Your Audience and Increase Your Sales.

We teach new skills and help review your existing Social Media and SEO work. Our training sessions give you the tools to reach a wider audience online.

One-to-one or team sessions to help you take your business further. We explain, in a jargon-free way, how to define your goals, find your target audience on the web, understand your data, expand your audience and secure more sales.


Be better on social media.
We teach you how to adapt to changes and build a bigger fanbase.


Tailored to you.
Our sessions help you understand how your website is performing for your business.

Optimisation made simple.
We make sure your website is working effectively to convert visitors into customers.


What's Included?

Our training sessions are flexible and tailored to your needs.

  • Analysis Of Your Social Media Strategy
  • Audience Targeting
  • Finding Out Where Your Traffic Is Coming From
  • Help Building A Content Marketing Strategy
  • Writing The Right Content For Your Audience
  • Driving Engagement With Your Social Media Audience

Not sure if this is right for you? Talk to us. We'd love to hear about what you're looking to achieve with your website. Call us on 01473 631344.


We make sure that you know where your audience is and how you can reach them online.

You're an expert and leader in your field, your audience want to hear what you have to say, our training helps you shape your content and deliver it effectively. We teach you principles that will help you share your message, adapt to changes and how to discover the best use of your time. Our practical training builds your confidence as well as your knowledge.

Understand where your traffic is coming from and where to spend your time.

Clear instructions showing you how people are consuming your content, how many are then visiting your website and what they are doing once they get there. Understanding where your traffic comes from gives you a valuable head-start when developing your content marketing strategy, you’ll know exactly what steps to take to reach your target audience.


Wherever your audience is, we can help you be there too.


Concise, informative training. Ask questions as we go, get the most value from every session.

Not technical? Don't worry, our training is designed for you.

Our training sessions can be held in-person or online, whichever you prefer. We will explain your data in a clear, jargon-free, way which will clarify the figures and graphs without leaving you confused. Each training session is completely unique and caters directly to your needs.


The Value

Jen and Gary run a small business, they want to get more leads from their website and social media. Here's the value they get with our training sessions:

  • They know which social media platforms work best for them.
    They know where their audience are and how best to reach them. They can pinpoint which platforms would be best for growing and engaging their audience.
  • They know what kind of content brings them traffic.
    Conversions are important for Jen and Gary, they need to turn browsers into customers. They know how to monitor their website traffic, find out exactly where their visitors are coming from and how many of them are converting into customers.
  • They have an effective content marketing strategy planned out for the future.
    Great content marketing starts with a great plan. Jen and Gary can now write their content in advance and plan out an effective, coherent digital marketing campaign across their blogging, social media and email marketing that will wow their audience.

One-to-one or group training sessions,
we've helped businesses of every size.

Get value from our training sessions for weeks and months to come.

Remembering every piece of information when you're learning something new is hard. To make sure that your time with us continues to provide value in the following days, weeks and months we provide ‘takeaway’ sheets for every attendee and also provide you with audio recordings of our session (we always make sure that you are happy to be recorded beforehand), so that you can revisit it whenever you like.

We've heard from clients months later that still listen to their sessions regularly to keep them motivated, focused and make sure they're still approaching their social media and SEO in the most effective way.



Tailored training sessions, guided by you, but with the same core aims.

We have built a framework for our sessions that lets us mix your goals, your current situation and our experience. This gives us a consistent set of core aims and goals to bring each new skill, tool or technique back to.

As we review your content, SEO, accessibility and technical setup, we show you the tools we use, so you can do this for yourself going forward. Analysing the content on your website and social media pages is a conversation about what we're seeing, what we're looking for and what it means for your business in an easy-to-understand manner. We explore ways that you can save time and money and help you expand your reach online by reaching people who aren’t necessarily looking for you.


Approachable and efficient.

We specialise in teaching non-technical people technical things. Our training sessions are friendly and relaxed, we pride ourselves on the trust we have been afforded by the local business community in Suffolk. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, both big and small, get the most out of their website and social media.


Here's just a sample of the type of things we can cover in a session. We help define your targets and then guide you to the right tools and techniques.


What is social media?
We’ll explain the basics of social media in a way that you can easily understand, covering all the do’s and don’t's of today’s online landscape.

Overview of current social media platforms.
Along with our basic introduction to social media as a whole, we’ll cover all the latest platforms and trends.

Which platforms will work best for your business.
With your help, we can expertly pinpoint which platforms would be best for growing and engaging your audience.

B2B or B2C, where are your audience?
We can help you focus on your target audience to create content that will increase sales.

Writing a digital marketing plan.
We will help you plan out everything. Having a clear, concise plan will make your digital marketing effortless to control.

Devising an output schedule and using scheduling tools.
Having a plan is good, but having a schedule is even better. We’ll help you stay organised and in control of your digital marketing.

Making more from your existing client data.
We can analyse your data and tell you exactly what it means for your business, jargon-free!

Improving customer service.
We’ll teach you the practices you need to ensure that customers come away from a positive interaction every time.

Using testimonials to increase sales.
We will teach you how to gather and place testimonials for maximum positive effect.

Where best to focus limited time.
There’s little point in putting all your time and effort into one platform if you already have an audience waiting for you on another! We help you make the most of the time you have.

Measuring the results and adapting confidently.
As well as helping you measure and interpret your data, we’ll teach you how to act on it and improve your online presence. 

What not to do and how to spot 'time-sucks'.
We will warn you about all the traps and pitfalls in social media and teach you how to avoid wasting valuable time and effort.

Having recently used Measured Brilliance for a website optimisation training session, I couldn’t be any happier with the service they provided me with. Not only was I given the skills and training to enable me to monitor my own website analytics, I have also been given a clear understanding of how to use this information to increase my visitor to customer conversion rate
— Joshua, Ipswich

Work directly with the team behind SIMS.

SIMS is one of the most trusted and respected groups in the south-east helping small businesses, charities and local government learn improve their digital skills and making more from the web. The best of our monthly meet-ups, workshops and online training have been distilled in this all-in-one package.


Some of the people on this page are representative examples of our customers. Our case studies are real-life examples. Want to hear what our customers say? Read our testimonials and see our work.