Here's what our clients say about us.

For many small business owners it can be a challenge to bring in a steady flow of new work and I have very much relied on Google Adwords over the years to help me find new clients. But over the last 18 months I have found that my campaign is producing fewer good leads but at steadily rising prices. So I asked if Conversion Academy could help and as a consequence have been through a six month course of information and support.

There is no-one who knows their business like the business owner so Sam and Max are not about taking over but about helping you use your expert knowledge to present your business in the best way possible to attract the attention of the search engines. Unlike Adwords and other ppc an organic hit is free. Like all good things you have to put the effort in first.

First of all Sam and Max got me to index my website properly so that every page has a unique meta-title and meta-description. They then taught me how to use Search Console. This not only shows up problems on your website but also records where you are appearing for particular search terms. For example I was number 10 for ‘Hypnotherapy Colchester’ - good, but can do better. For ‘Performance Anxiety’ I was in position 299. Given this is an area where I specialise the result showed me that I needed to not only introduce more keywords to my Performance Anxiety page but also consider ways in which to collect links from other sites. The more good in-links the better the search engines will like you.

This is just one example of what I have learned. Over the months I have received a wealth of other information on using campaigns, widening one’s reach with articles, lead magnets and much more. I cannot say I have implemented all of it but I do have a much clearer idea of how to go forward than I did at the outset and the message I have come away with is that for the small business owner you can’t possibly get everything done in a short stretch of time. But by doing just a little, on a regular basis, you will begin to reap rewards. The internet does not stand still and if you make a beautiful website it will do you no good unless you continue to nurture it, add to it and leverage it.

I do not expect to see major changes in a short time. It is the constant commitment that makes a difference. Even so, during the period in which we have been working together there has been a noticeable increase in organic traffic to my site and this is something I will be building on in the coming months.

Sam and Max are very approachable, offer skype meetings, telephone and email advice. They are mines of high quality information and for any business person wanting to extend their online reach I would highly recommend their services.

 Liz Kotarska of Life Changes Hypnotherapy


I have enjoyed working with Sam and Max, and have found their knowledge, skills and understanding really beneficial to my own business. They are approachable, friendly and helpful - and really get to know YOUR business and what is needed. A great bespoke service from a great local team - what more could you ask for! 

Oh, and for regular friendly accessible information I also recommend SIMS - great for networking with like-minded people in a relaxed informal environment.

Natalie Chaplin, Ipswich Town & Waterfront


I really enjoyed working with Measured Brilliance. Sam and Max bring a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and personality to their work, and that really helped us to achieve our goals for the website.

Their initial diagnosis was thorough and accurate, and they provided the ideas and support to make the changes we needed. I got particular benefit from one of Max's regular seminars on search and website optimisation where I not only learned a lot but got to meet a number of interesting people in similar situations. Learning to measure success using the various tools available was a huge benefit.

The result is a really slick website with clear signposts for customers to engage. Our visibility in search is good in all the key areas and traffic is significantly up as a result.

Finally, I believe working with Measured Brilliance represents excellent value for money. Their results have clearly helped us to increase sales, but were also delivered at very reasonable cost.

Thanks guys.

Martin Simon Whiteley, Dean & Co


Sam and Max provide a superb service through SIMS - Suffolk Internet Marketing Specialists group enabling Suffolk to be focused and ahead of the game.

They are both enthusiastic and will generously share their expertise.

Don’t just take my word for it, join the group and attend one of the meetings.

 Caron Peirson, ITS Training


I have been working with Measured Brilliance for several months and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come. 

They are consummate professionals who are organised and highly skilled. They deliver what they promise and include friendly, honest advice and feedback as they do it. Thank you.

Phil Barley, Theatre Digs Booker


Sam and Max have a real energy and enthusiasm for their work which is infectious - they will ignite your online presence with this spark! I had only gone into my business full time for a few months when I was lucky enough to be recommended to Measured Brilliance for SEO work. 

Their day session helped me so much in understanding what I needed to do to create an effective online presence, things I would never have thought of or be trained to know. I now have a great understanding of social media and how important it is to my website and most importantly a fully functioning, easy to use website which I am so proud of. I couldn't have done it without you guys, so thanks for all your insider knowledge and follow up time.

Sarah Louise Chatterton, SLC-SLC


Having recently used Measured Brilliance for a website optimisation clinic, I couldn't be any happier with the service they provided me with. Not only was I given the skills and training to enable me to monitor my own website analytics, I have also been given a clear understanding of how to use this information to increase my visitor to customer conversion rate. 
Measured Brilliance have even continued to offer me support and advice since this clinic. These guys will be my first port of call for online services in the future. Their name says it all!

Joshua Seager, Genr8 Card, Ipswich


I've know and Sam and Max at Measured Brilliance for over 2 years and there enthusiasm and expert advice has helped the Atrium Studios grow. They are passionate about their business and strive to give good customer service.

They are also committed to help other business grow and regually give advice to other members of the studios. They co- run a very successful meetup called 'SIMS' which offers expert business advice and is free to join.

Carol Gant, Atrium Studios


I would like to thank Measured Brilliance for their amazing service.

My session was very friendly and relaxed as well as extremely informative given me the confidence as well as better knowledge and understanding of my own business with regards to Social Media and my website. Highly recommended.

Hayley Frogley - Not Just Travel