Top 10 mistakes to avoid on social media

Getting on social media is easy, but there are a few little things you’ll want to avoid to get the most out of your online engagement with your audience. Although by no means the end of the world, here are 10 social media problems you definitely want to avoid when posting online.

10: Not having a consistent username on social media

You want people to be able to find you, wherever you are. We know that sometimes it isn’t possible to have the same username on all social media platforms, but it’s important for you to get as close as possible so that your brand can remain consistent.

9: Liking your own posts

What we really want is to drive engagement with your audience.

8: Not knowing hashtag etiquette 

It’s important to use hashtags for words and phrases that you know people are going to search for, we want them to be as effective as possible. 

7: Not interacting with your audience

Engagement is important, people like to know that there’s a human being operating your social media accounts. Social media is all about being social, so it’s always nice when businesses reach out to their audience.

6: Not knowing how ‘likes’ operate on different social networks

We know it’s confusing, but a like on Facebook doesn’t work in the same way as a like on Twitter. 

5: Only sharing content, rather than making your own

Sharing is good, but original content is what will draw people to your brand.


4: Designing your social media profiles to look completely different

Your brand style should be consistent. You want your audience and potential customers to look at any of your social media profiles and instantly be able to see the connection to your brand.

3: Posting the same content on all of your social platforms

You need to give your audience reasons to follow you on more than one social media platform, don’t just copy and paste all of your content across the board.

2: Paying for likes or followers

They’re meaningless numbers if there’s no engagement with a real person. There’s no point padding your stats if they don’t represent anything for your business.

1: Getting personal on a business social media account

Injecting personality is important for friendly and effective branding, but it’s important to remember to keep a cool head. Even if people are responding to you with negativity, it’s your responsibility to remain calm and professional.

If you’re interested in doing more online, we have the training that can help you work smarter on social media.