Email your past, present and future clients, all without lifting a finger.

Powerful email campaigns that adapt to your audience's actions, whether they open, click through or visit your website.

We understand your customers to make sure each individual person gets exactly the right content to encourage them to make the leap from potential customer to client.

We write a bespoke set of emails
that are sent automatically
to your new and existing leads


We understand you.
We spend time with you and your team, finding out how we can help you market to your audience effectively.


We write the content.
We take our digital marketing experience and what we’ve learned about your business to write effective emails.


We send the emails.
All of your emails are sent automatically, reacting to your individual leads’ position in your sales process.


What's Included?

Our Email Marketing Marketing & Automation For Business
 is the comprehensive way to stay in touch with all your potential leads.
It includes:

  • Complete Automated Email Campaign Setup
  • Existing Contacts Import and Integration
  • Full Content Writing Service
  • Access to Campaign Data and Reports

Not sure if this is right for you? Talk to us. We'd love to hear about what you're looking to achieve with your web presence. 
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Less time in your inbox.
You and your team will spend less time responding to emails, more time providing for your clients.

No wasted leads.
Our automation ensures that all of your email leads are taken care of, with none of them slipping through the cracks.

Long-lasting Value.
Contact customers who haven’t heard from you in a while without having to write any content. It’s all taken care of.


The email content that your leads want.

Whether they were close to purchasing at one point, or they’re just getting to grips with the products you offer, we make sure that each individual lead gets the right email to encourage them to convert into customers. 

We spend the time with you to make sure that your tone and brand come across as effectively as possible in each email so that you can earn more sales and get the conversions that you want.

An email for every situation, with none of the hassle.

Sending one email campaign to all of your leads simply isn’t effective. Sending targeted, personalised emails to individual leads will make them feel valued by your business and encourage them to convert.

Our automated system reacts to your audience’s individual actions to send them the right emails, needing no manual input from you or your team.


Automation is a scary word.

Don't worry, we handle everything whether you're technical or not.


Automation will save you time and help you maximise your sales.

Our automated campaigns can recognise when your email contacts take certain actions and then send specific emails based on those actions. Someone might fill in a form on your website and receive a series of emails with more information about your products, all happening automatically without having to write or send any of them. 

This saves you an incredible amount of time, helping you to convert potential leads that otherwise could have gone cold waiting in your inbox.


Be like Grace.

Grace is in charge of marketing at a business who have a growing audience they’re looking to convert into customers and not enough time or resources to contact them manually. Here’s the value she gets from Email Marketing & Automation For Business:

  • She doesn't have to write any content.
    A long-lasting, automated email journey will keep her leads aware of her business without Grace or her team having to check in on them and write new emails on a daily basis.
  • Grace doesn’t have to manually track leads, knowing they’re being kept warm.
    She knows that, whatever action leads take, if they haven’t converted they’re being kept engaged with her business.
  • She has more time to develop interesting marketing campaigns.
    Not having to spend all day chasing up leads in her inbox and CRM means more time developing content and marketing strategies that will help her business grow even further.

Be consistent with your email marketing
and convert more leads into customers


Complete Email Campaign Setup

Our structured, automated email campaigns will allow you to keep your leads warm whatever their status, with emails being triggered by specific actions such as visiting your website for a second time or filling in a form for more information.

Once the campaign has been set up, you won’t need to touch it, you can focus on running your business while your leads tick over and convert into more sales.


Full Content Writing Service

The biggest hurdle for businesses, when it comes to email marketing, is writing the content. We make that problem go away, making sure your content conveys your business ethos in an appealing way with a tone which matches each email’s purpose and target.

We start each project with a relaxed interview session where we talk to you about your business, the value you provide for your clients and the conversions that you want. We won’t just disappear and write your content, we’ll consult you for input. You’re the expert in your industry, after all!


Existing Contacts Import and Integration.

Whether you keep your existing email contacts in a spreadsheet file, CSV or another email marketing service, we’ll help you get them out and into our own infrastructure at no extra cost.

We can also create automated campaigns within existing email marketing services such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.


Access to Campaign Data and Reports

Having a completely automated email journey is all well and good, but you also need to know how it’s performing. You will have complete access to your campaign data and reports, so you can see what kinds of emails are effective for you and what aren’t.

When you need your emails to bring people back to your website, we can help you see what actions they took and train you how to do more with that data.


Perfect for consultants as well as companies.

Even if you aren’t part of a larger team, email marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool for earning you more sales and keeping your clients engaged with your business. If you don’t have someone dedicated to handling your email marketing, Email Marketing & Automation For Business is the answer.

If you need one-off email campaigns, we can do that too.

If you aren’t looking for a fully automated email campaign and instead want one-off, targeted emails, we will work with you to understand the kind of content you want to send out to your audience and the conversion you want from your campaign.


Work directly with the team behind SIMS.

SIMS is one of the most trusted and respected groups in the south-east helping small businesses, charities and local governments improve their digital skills and make more from the web.


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