Google Street View for your Business & Drone Photography

February's SIMS is on it's way and for this month's meetup we're getting a glimpse of modern day technology through camera lenses.

Our SIMS speakers for February are Carl Lamb from and Pete Kyle from and they're here to share their knowledge on how to implement Google Street View into your business and how drone photography can become a part of your business in the future. 

See your business inside and out.  Google Street View has made a breakthrough since being launched for more than 8 years ago. Launched in May 2007, Google Street View gave us the opportunity to see places around the world by simply clicking and looking at a computer screen. People have had their share of fun with Google Street View like having a tour around the Eiffel tower, virtually walking through New York's Time Square and even looking at the street where they used to live. This technology gives us the freedom to roam the world but the real question is, how are businesses going to take advantage of this new technology? 

What we failed to realise is how it's only matter of time until businesses benefitted from Google Street View, and it's finally here. Google Street View now gives business owners the ability to show their customers a virtual all-around view of their physical business and have website visitors interactively explore inside a location and really get to know the business on an unprecedented level. Google Street View for your business is a snazzy and extremely useful feature for businesses who want to showcase their physical shops or work place through their online webpage. 

Reach for the skies. Drone photography is a new and growing variation in the photography industry. Drone photography show us the world in a different yet stunning perspective at a much higher view. We now have the chance to go beyond what our eyes can see as drones soar the skies. Drones help people take photos of beautiful horizons, city skylines and magnificent terrains that couldn't have been captured by any other land-based optical device. Drone photography isn't for every business but it would useful to see what it could possibly do for you in the future. 

February's SIMS is slightly tech-filled but we at SIMS always aim to bring you speakers that can help you think of ways to stand out to your potential customers. We feel that either of these topics, if not both can help your business do better online. 

Carl's talk will cover: 

  • What is Google Street View for Business? 
  • Where is it seen?
  • How to best showcase a business with Street View
  • Some weird and wonderful examples for inspiration! 

Pete's talk will cover:

  • What is drone photography?
  • How does it work? 
  • Advancements in drone photography and its future. 
New Wolsey theatre using Google street view for your business

New Wolsey theatre using
Google street view for your business

Drone Photograph of Suffolk's Fields

Drone Photograph of Suffolk's Fields

If you'd like to see more details for this event, here's a link to our SIMS Meetup page and SIMS Event Page. We hope to see you there!