Opportunity for Businesses to Support Local Apprentices


Hi all,

We have had a request from a SIMS member Carl Stickley, who works with the Opportunities Workshop [http://opportunitiesworkshop.com/] who take on trainees/apprentices for a 12 week course. The first 4 weeks we give them lessons here in Customer Service, IT, Money Management, Job seeking skills etc. They get a certificate and a CV boost, along with hopefully increased knowledge.

Once the trainees/apprentices have done, they try to help find them places for work experience to gain some valuable experience which boosts confidence and improves their CVs. The course is voluntary and the age range is currently 16-18 year old.

They are looking for businesses that had a big project on and could use a group of trainees for the 8 weeks, followed by another eight on a rolling basis hopefully. If not a whole group then just individual learners is fine too. 

 For inquiries and information contact Carl on carlstickley63@gmail.com.