The Digital Legacy Conference 2015

Jack Rooke

Jack Rooke

The event was sponsored by DeadSocial as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2015 and was hosted by hilarious comedian Jack Rooke - go and see him if you get a chance, he's a naturally funny guy who has found a comedic niche in a no-so-funny area.

Max and I travelled down to London for the very first Digital Legacy Conference, to hear some amazing speakers explore how the internet has changed the way we will remember and grieve forever. They also examined how our digital footprint will ultimately help determine both our legacy and our digital legacy.

These are obviously areas we care a great deal about at Echoleft, where development is continuing on our memorial website. We have been lucky enough to work with the team at St Nicholas Hospice Care in Bury St Edmunds where they have been processing donations in memory of their patients. One family has been working hard and has already reached £1k in memory of Zena Butcher. Please donate if you can.

Sam annoying Dr Mark Taubert

The more we have worked on Echoleft, the more relaxed I have become talking and listening  about death as a subject. The speakers were so varied and cover ancient memorials to end-of-life planning, digital estate planning and how people mourn online internationally. It was truly fascinating, I will certainly be going next year.


The Digital Legacy Conference also hosted the RSVP Funeral Invitation Exhibition