We've Got Something to Shut Up About - Echoleft.

You will have heard Max and myself talking about lots of things over the last few years - we both like to waffle on! You most likely know we run Measured Brilliance and SIMS, but in the background we have been working hard for the last few years on a project we are very proud of - Echoleft

Echoleft is a memorial website which we have developed in partnership with St Nicholas Hospice Care. It offers friends and families a safe place to share photographs and stories about a loved one. Additionally, each memorial is able to accept in-memory donations which go directly to charity.

To celebrate the launch of Echoleft, Max is going to be silent for 48 hours. There have been many comments that I should have volunteered, but I had fears I might spontaneously combust if unable to share my thoughts! 

If you're feeling even more generous, we would really appreciate a donation to Max's silence. As you can imagine, as well as raising funds, testing the system works matters to us too and while any donations would help support the Hospice, you would also enable us to make sure Echoleft works for everyone. You can Shut Max Up here.  

Please feel free to share Echoleft socially. Anything you can do would be amazing.