The Power of Podcasting

There are over 13 million podcasts listeners around the globe but how can a small business benefit from this?

Imagine if you started your own podcast on something you specialise in. After a few episodes you find yourself with a relatively small amount of listeners who really like your content. As your podcast content become better, more listeners tune in and they become devoted listeners. They start referring to other people and your business starts to get recognition for its great content. Through this, listeners start to trust in your business and gradually become customers who buy your products.

Podcasts can become a great selling point for your business but like any other business idea, it will take effort. However, there's nothing stopping you from recording your own podcast and giving it a try. Podcasting covers a wide variety of subjects and topics so make sure your content is the best out there. If your podcasts get enough recognition you may even find yourself as a guest on a show!

Podcasting will be this month's topic at SIMS. If podcasting interests you, this month's SIMS (24th November at 7pm) is a great place to start.