The All-In-One Website For Your Business

We build you a clear, easy-to-navigate website, make sure you can use it and show you how to bring people to it.

No charges to update your website and no lock-in's. Our sites come with our first-class training resources, helping you to grow your audience. Spend less time on the technical parts, more time on the profitable parts.


Your business, your website.
A website you can control, built for mobile devices and the modern web.


Our websites work.
Best-practice SEO is built-in and we show you how to keep it up-to-date.

A website that puts you in charge.
You own everything, fixed pricing, email marketing, training and reporting included.


What's Included?

It wouldn't be a very good all-in-one if it didn't have it all.
Luckily for us, it does. Everything you need to get started, or get back on track. 

  • Complete Website Design & Build
  • Audience Targeting
  • Social Media Set-up and Integration
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Complete Training Package
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Reporting and Analytics

We'll guide you through more detail in just a moment, but if you're unsure about whether you need any of these, and want to ask some questions, no problem, you can reach us on 01473 631344.


More than just a website.

We know that a great online presence for your business needs much more than just a website. Although it’s a great starting point, it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of your business online. Your website, social media, content marketing and email marketing all needs to work together, consistently, to increase your sales.

That’s where our All-In-One Website Solution comes in. It gives your business an attractive, consistent online brand that will drive sales.

Everything you need to kickstart or refresh your business’ online presence.

Although our main focus is building great websites, we also do so much more. We don’t just want to build you a great website, we will also follow up by providing you with social media set up and training, email marketing training, analytics reports and more. We take the steps that other developers don’t, following up with advice, training and analytics to ensure that your business succeeds online. With our all-in-one solution, you will increase your sales and expand your audience. 


We don't just build you a great website, we provide you with social media set up & training, email marketing training, analytics reports and more.

Everything you need to get started, or get back on track. Most importantly, you're in control.
Not technical? Don't worry, our training is designed for you.

We know it's a hassle to outsource every aspect of your online presence,
so we’ve gathered everything you’ll need in this great-value package.


Case Study

Archway Carpets, Woodbridge

We worked with carpet expert Darrell Smith to make sure his website achieves the goals of every business online:

  • Clearly and attractively shows his products.
    Whether you're selling carpets or your own time, photography is key. Are you a consultancy? We help set the tone for PS Rowe Associates and Celia Mason.
  • Easy to navigate.
    A clear hierarchy, showing your customers your most important products and services. We also help you decide on the best layout for each page, and the organisation of your content.
  • Clear calls-to-action.
    Customers are encourage to email, call or visit with clear contact details, but we help develop interstitial calls-to-action in just the right places.
  • Integrated social media.
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. In this case there's a wonderful view of Archway Carpet's excellent Instagram feed for potential customers to browse.
  • You are in control.
    Darrell can update his content, photography and blog at any time. We show how you content can improve SEO rankings, provide clear analytics dashboards and train you how to read them.

We help people just like Michael

Michael is a small business owner who deserves to be in control of his web presence. Here’s the value we provide to small business owners just like Michael:

  • He only had to deal with one company, us.
    Michael is busy. Luckily, he didn’t have to spend time jumping through multiple hoops getting his website, his social media, his data and his email marketing sorted with different companies. Michael had a unified web presence which he is in complete control of.
  • Being technical wasn't a requirement for a great end result.
    Although he isn’t the most technical business owner when it comes to websites and the digital world, Michael was able to easily follow our transparent process as we worked with him to complete the project. Michael has the resources and training that he needs to succeed online and continue to improve his website.
  • All of his billing is simple and predictable.
    Because Michael has only had to deal with one company, his billing is easy to keep track of. Squarespace takes care of all of his website services with one monthly cost, meaning that the cost of his website isn’t diverted into different payments that are difficult to track.

A website that takes your business further.

We build a website with best-practice for the web built in, and train you to create the content that will help more people find you.

Good-Looking, Practical Web Design

We make sure your website matches and compliments your brand, without prioritising looks over practicality, we know you want your website to look great and convert visitors into customers. That's our focus.

We make sure you are in control and can update your content at any time. We don't just create a website for you, we make sure you know how to use it. Whether you want your website visitors to buy, sign up, share or pick up the phone, we focus on generating leads and sales.

The internet is always changing and the websites we build reflect that. Mobile-friendly, secure and with best-practice SEO built in. We use tools you can understand, and automatically keep you up-to-date.

Our balance of functionality and style when designing your website, makes sure that we create something your business will be proud to show off.

Social Media Set-up and Integration

Your customers are using social media to discover, recommend and talk about businesses every day. Reviews, comments and messages are instant and can affect how your community think about your brand, your services and how they are reflected to potential customers.

Your social media pages are also an extension of your brand. When they are set up correctly, your logos, imagery, tone and language can help reinforce your brand and give you a new way to reach your local community and the wider world.

We help set up social media accounts, and provide regular advice and statistics about how useful they are proving to be. Not only that but we’ll show you how to take control and deliver effective content to your audience.


Audience Targeting

Whether your target audience is business-to-business or business-to-customer, we will pinpoint exactly where your niche is. We can help you tailor your online content to specifically target your audience.

We want your audience to be as big as possible, and help you leverage their attention, so we make it easy for you to gather data on your audience and get in touch with them through email or social media.

Email Marketing

Branded email marketing is a great way to reach existing and potential customers at once. We’ll set you up with a Mailchimp account as well as a branded template, recommended settings and a ready-to-go mailing list to get you started.

We can also import any existing mailing-list data that you may already have, meaning that there’s no awkward transitional phase for your email marketing!

If you're not sure how email marketing works, or you're worried about it being too technical, don't worry. Give us a call or email us and start a conversation. We'll talk you through how we can help you get started.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It's vital that customers can find you, especially those in your area, and today that means appearing in the right place when they search for you on Google. You face competition from local and international competitors with big budgets, but we can help you make the most of your website, your brand, your reputation and your content to make sure everyone can find you.

A mix of our technical skills and optimising your great content combine to make sure you appear to the widest audience possible, and they each get the information they need. Whether they are looking to call you, or discover more about your company, we make sure they don’t end their search unsatisfied. We make sure your website is both user friendly and search-engine friendly.

We have worked with hundreds of small local businesses to help them optimise their web presence so that Google brings more of the right customers to them.


  • Mobile search listing optimisation
    We make sure your phone number is one tap away for people using their phone to find you.
  • Google Business Listings
    Google will show maps, contact details, opening times and reviews to your customers. We help you take control of what they see.
  • Google Maps Search Results
    Local customers, looking for local services. Google Maps is a key part of that discovery and we make sure you're front-and-center.
  • Appearing for Related Searches
    Bring in new customers that may not be aware of your brand. Not everyone is searching for a specific company, but we can help them find you.

Reporting and Analytics

Along with SEO, we will also provide you with easy-to-read ‘dashboard’ reports that tell you everything you need to know about your website’s performance. These reports are flexible, you can choose whether you receive them weekly or monthly.

It’s important that you know what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to your website, so you know what needs to be improved. We make the data easy to understand and tell you exactly what it means for your business.

We also make sure you own all your data (not every web developer will do this!) so you can access your analytics at any time and we’ll provide you with the tools and training you need to make them more valuable.

Measured Brilliance have helped my business by creating a really good new website and have also advised me on how to keep it up and running so it gets viewed by enough people is always on the first page of the search engine.
— Cath, Cradle To Grave, Dorset

Extraordinary value.

One of the best things about our All-In-One Website Solution is that the price never changes, regardless of how long it takes. The entire package is available at a fixed price. Want to find out more? Give us a call.

We want our work to be effective and long-lasting for your business; a project like this wouldn’t work nearly as well if the fear of running out of hours was looming. Having the cost be a fixed sum removes this roadblock completely.

Your content in your hands.

We work as quickly as possible to get you in control of your content so that you can get back to doing what you do best; running your business.

We’ll meet with you and discuss every aspect of your package, jargon-free, in a way that everyone can understand. Getting everyone on the same page is crucial for getting you in control of your online presence.


Work directly with the team behind SIMS.

SIMS is one of the most trusted and respected groups in the south-east helping small businesses, charities and local government learn improve their digital skills and making more from the web. The best of our monthly meet-ups, workshops and online training have been distilled in this all-in-one package.


We provide you with the training you need in order to create the most effective content for your business including blogs, video content, images and more. Our All-In-One Website gives you the power to transform your business online.

Some of the people on this page are representative examples of our customers. Our case studies are real-life examples. Want to hear what our customers say? Read our testimonials and see our work.