We’re looking for a Marketing and Social Media Apprentice.

You’ve probably seen a lot of these apprenticeships being offered, they’re popular. I always picture them involving sitting in an beige office trying to work out how to make a dull product sound vaguely interesting on Facebook, or trying to explain what a retweet is to Brenda in accounting. That’s probably not true at all, but either way, we’re looking for something different.

We design and build websites and web-based apps. We are looking for an apprentice to help us generate and curate a community across a variety of networks. That means talking to and creating content for many different types of businesses. By ‘creating content’, we mean writing really great things which need to appeal to a range of audiences around one core product or service.

We also work with a wide range of small local businesses. Our role is to help them make more of their web presence. We help translate tools like Google Analytics into simple information sessions and provide training to help improve the value of their online advertising and activity on social media. You will find, analyse, report and act on this information, and then help deliver that training to clients.

If you’re still reading, that’s a good sign.

What’s in it for you?

A lot of marketing and social media apprenticeships are offered within marketing departments or agencies. The developers who build the end product, or the team that run the website are external and you may not learn the end-to-end process of how a campaign or content strategy gets designed, implemented, tracked, adjusted and reviewed. This is more personal, more detailed and probably a little more technical.

We’re a small team, so we do nearly everything in-house. You’ll be shown how we design tests to see how effective your work is, and then get involved in that process yourself.

Can you gain additional training and qualifications?

Yes, we’re looking to work in partnership with a training provider to help you gain a related qualification. This could be in college for a day a week or undertaken internally, we’re flexible and keen to incorporate a provider which works best for you.

What are we looking for?

You need to be a great communicator and have strong writing skills - a minimum C in English GCSE. You will need initiative, to be able to work remotely and to come up with your own ideas. A good knowledge of social media platforms is required. Full training will be given and additional software will be used.

Who are we?

Measured Brilliance is a design & development company, based in Ipswich and run by brother and sister Max Shelley and Sam Parnell, working with a small team of talented designers and developers.

We specialise in building websites and apps that increase sales and conversions for our clients, and now we are using those skills to create our own products, and work with our own audience.

Where are we?

We’re based at Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich but we work with clients from all over the country and we tend to work remotely sometimes too.

If you are interested in applying, email your CV and a covering letter to sam@measuredbrilliance.com today!