Creating Websites for the Funeral Industry

Your website will be the first point of contact for an increasing number of customers in the years to come. We know how vital it is to present a clear message, showing the unique service you provide and the story that only your business can tell.

We help you with photography and imagery, navigation and structure, wording and content. Alongside the technical requirements, these things can make a modern website can seem intimidating. We provide clear, straight-forward steps for you to take. We can't always make it simple, the web can be complex and that's ok, but we can always make it easier and be here to support you.

We believe that you should be in charge of your own website. No lock-in's, update your own content while we provide support and guidance.



Social Media Setup & Training

Your customers are using social media to discover, recommend and talk about businesses every day. Reviews, comments and messages are instant and can affect how your community think about your brand and your services.

Your social media pages are also an extension of your brand. When they are set up correctly, your logos, imagery, tone and language can help reinforce your brand and give you a new way to reach your local community and the wider world.
We help set up social media accounts, and provide regular advice and statistics about how useful they are proving to be.



Search Engine Optimisation

It's vital that customers can find you, especially those in your area, and today that means appearing in the right place when they search for you on Google. You face competition from national and international competitors with big budgets, but we can help you make the most of your brand, your reputation and your content to make sure everyone can find you.

A mix of our technical skills and optimising your great content combine to make sure you appear to the widest audience possible, and they each get the information they need. Whether they are looking to call you, or discover more about your company.

We have worked with hundreds of small local businesses to help them optimise their web presence so that Google brings more of the right customers to them.

  • Mobile search listing optimisation.
    We make sure your phone number is one tap away for people using their phone to find you.
  • Google Business Listings
    Google will show maps, contact details, opening times and reviews to your customers. We help you take control of what they see.
  • Google Maps Search Results
    Local customers, looking for local services. Google maps is a key part of that discovery and we make sure you're front-and-center.
  • Appearing for Related Searches.
    Bring in new customers that may not be aware of your. Not everyone is searching for a specific company, we can help them find you.


Training & Guidance

You can't outsource your brand. It's made up of you and your team. As your customers use more methods to research, talk about and communicate with your business it's vital that you are able to reach and respond to them.

We have experience in one-to-one training (in-person and remote), group sessions and video tutorials showing how to set up, use social media pages, as well as promoting and advertising their businesses.
Privacy, security and sensitivity are essential when dealing with a range of people on a public forum. We can help formulate policies and procedures to help you and your staff understand how best to represent your company online.


“It's a privilege to build unique websites that help express the personality
of a person or a team and to help families discover them.”

We created a new website for Cath Pratley at Cradle To Grave, winners of the Coffin Supplier Of The Year award at this year's Good Funeral Awards. Until now, Cath had been unable to update her own website. She can now add pages, update content, upload photos and make links to her social media accounts.



Who We Are

Run by brother and sister Max Shelley and Sam Parnell, along with their team based in Suffolk, we are a small, family-run company passionate about helping small businesses increase their digital skills and the quality of services for their customers.

Alongside our work providing digital services and training for the funeral and death-care industry, we run Echoleft, where friends and families can create beautiful memorial websites, gather photos, stories and messages together and accept in-memory donations for charity.

Echoleft means we have the experience of working with bereavement and funeral services that other digital companies are unable to provide.


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