Training & Consultancy

We help teams like yours deal with digital.

 Things are changing. The way things used to be done doesn't have the impact it once did, and there's a wave of new tools and terminology coming toward your work.

Don't panic.

We help people like you navigate and thrive in these circumstances. We offer a range of training and consultancy options for organisations and individuals to help them make a bigger impact with digital.


Everyone from newbies to natives.

Some organisations are populated with young people, excited to push ahead with their next digital project, others are looking to move teams from various generations through the maze of digital transformation.

No matter where your team is on the spectrum of digital skills, we can help get ready for the next stage of your organisations growth and development. Workshops to put them on the same page, training to bring them up to speed, consultation to gather what's needed for the next step. Let's talk about where you want to go and we can help your team get on board.


Impact not impasse.

It's really easy to do nothing when it comes to digital. It's safe and feels comfortable, but you know the hidden costs are growing every day and the future grows less certain by the day. We work hard to make working with us easy, so if you think your organisation struggles to work with outside organisations, let's talk, our experience means we might be able to join your corner more easily than you think.


People like you, like us.

Over the years we've delivered training projects for multi-national corporations, governments, local-scale businesses and individuals. If you're not sure how to start a conversation about what you want to accomplish, you can start by saying ‘Hello’, we've got enough experience to ask the right questions to guide you.

We've also spent years running community groups, helping non-technical people learn digital skills from our experts. Our experience running groups is another tool we have available for larger organisations and networks, where sharing knowledge across teams is vital.


In your corner, not on your back.

Regulations are a vital part of your work and enable trust in organisations of all sizes, across industries. We work with teams across fundraising, finance, corporate and data compliance, working hard to discover your needs and help you find the right steps and partners to put in place. We know how hard it is to implement change, we're here to help rather than hound you.


Digital transformation, together.

You might be in the early stages of putting a digital strategy together, you may have a little momentum underway or you could be in the throes of implementing new tools with your team. No matter which stage you're at, sometimes you need a hand from someone that's been there before.


Training that fits how your team works.

Training, consultancy and strategy mean different things to different teams. Your mix of culture, skills and targets mean the right delivery method is essential. We've helped produce a huge variety of training resources including presentation-based, workshops, video-based, interactive courses, emails and custom digital solutions. All of this depends on having the right digital training strategy in place, where we can help if you need us.