Getting started with Squarespace.

The team at Squarespace have some incredible ‘Getting Started’ resources, including articles and videos. We highly recommend visiting their Getting Started support page and, once you get a little more confident, their Support Videos page.

Just in case you need a little more help, we've created a short set of tutorial videos to help you get underway with your new Squarespace site.

Adding & Editing Content in Squarespace

Squarespace makes it easy for anyone to build a website. All the tools are handy and will only take practice for you to get used to how it all works. In this video we will show you the basics of adding and editing text content into your Squarespace build website. These instructions are applicable to all pages and can be edited at any time. We will discuss how to put your page into edit mode to add more content. This includes how to add "blocks" to your pages such as text for your written content and a glimpse of the other functional tools which you can add to your Squarespace website. Remember that all the content you've added into the page will not be added unless you hit save so make sure you hit that save button. 


Adding & Editing Images in Squarespace

For this video we will show you how to add and edit images in your Squarespace page. To add and edit images you must enter edit mode and add an image block as mentioned in the previous video. Image blocks appear as big grey boxes that take up a big section of the page. Don't panic as this image block can be moved around and will readjust  according to where you fit it. Upon hovering over the image block, click on edit and a settings box should appear on the right. In the settings box you can upload your own image or find an image from Getty Images' gallery. You can also add a caption to your image, rename your images (for SEO purposes), stretch your images, add a light box and finally, paste a link to take your users to another page or website. After uploading a picture, you can move the image by hovering over the filled image block and waiting for a hand cursor as you move along. To move the image, click and drag the image block to where you want to place it and wait for a black line or grey box to indicate where your image will be placed.  These can be tricky sometimes so we suggest you click and drag the image to every place possible and see where it best suits your taste. See what else you can do with your image by watching our video on adding and editing images in Squarespace. 


Activating Your Squarespace Account

In this tutorial video, we will show you how to activate your Squarespace account. Trial Squarespace websites usually last for about 2-3 weeks. After that span, users are asked to upgrade their website for official usability and access. To upgrade, simply look at the bottom of your page and find the "Upgrade Now" button. Upon clicking, you will be met with two options; a personal plan for basic tools and a business plan for both basic and advanced features. You can read through the descriptions for each plan however if you are not sure on which plan to take on, don't hesitate to call and ask us here at After selecting a plan, put down your billing details to confirm your purchase. Squarespace gives you a choice of paying an annual fee or a monthly fee. See which payment method best suit your finances but we recommend paying annually as you get to save as much 33% off the price and websites usually run for more than a year. Also we'll give you a 10% discount code to help you save even more. Just give us a ring. 

To find out more about billing, account information and activating your Squarespace website watch out video. 


Editing Your Content

For this Squarespace tutorial, we'll be looking at advanced options on editing your content. This video covers most of the features you have access to when editing content on your website such as setting headings, text orientation, adding links, putting numbered or bullet point lists, removing formatting and more. It is important that you structure according to their importance. Setting the right heading helps with user interface and overall aesthetics of the page for your visitors. Putting links help you get traffic on other pages of your website and having bullet points makes it easier for visitors to see the message you want to portray. Understanding these features all help you create better content over time and edit your content independently. 

Watch our video to go through the advanced editing methods of Squarespace. Feel free to ask us any questions. We're more than happy to help you understand your website. 


Happy Editing!