Social Media Training For Good Causes.

Expand your audience and increase your impact with digital marketing training designed for charities, social enterprises and causes like yours.

Training designed for your team, choose from one-to-one or team training and workshops to help you make a bigger impact.

We explain, in a jargon-free way, how to define your goals, find your target audience on the web, understand your data, expand your audience and secure more support.

Aly and Tom need to raise awareness of a growing UK charity.

We build strong relationships with our supporters in person, and want to do that online.

The clear and easy-to-understand sessions give us tools, techniques and practical steps to help us communicate with our supporters and reach a new audience.


Make the most of social media.
We teach you how to target your message, adapt to changes and build a bigger fan-base.


Tailored to you and your team.
Individual, group and workshop training. Put a system in place that works for your team.


Optimisation made simple.
Make sense of simple graphs and charts. Use reports to help convert visitors into supporters.


What's Available?

Our training sessions are flexible and tailored to your needs.

  • Develop a social media strategy.
  • Defining and targeting the right audience.
  • Find out where your supporters come from
    (and how to get more of them).
  • Building a content marketing strategy.
  • Creating content your audience will engage with.
  • Measure the impact and outcomes of your web presence.

Not sure if this is right for you? Not sure what some of these things even mean? Talk to us.
We'd love to hear about what you're looking to achieve with your website. Call us on 01473 631344.


Define your audience, know where they are and how to reach them online.

You have a powerful and compelling story to tell, your audience want to hear what you have to say. If you're trying engage in the wrong place, all that work is wasted. We help you discover where and how to connect.


Don't let your team waste time.

Social media and digital marketing can be full of ‘black holes’ where hours are spent, but no clear impact is made. We help you define your goals, produce effective content, give practical guidance and track your results.


The right content, at the right time, in the right place.

We help you shape your content and deliver it effectively. Tailor your content for the right audience, and know that you're reaching the right people. Schedule your content for just the perfect times.

Our practical training builds your confidence as well as your knowledge.


Build a repeatable, robust digital marketing plan.

Social networks change, trends come and go, your team will change but your digital marketing needs to be both repeatable and adaptable. We show you tools and techniques to get the most value from every second you spend on social media.


Wherever your audience is, we can help you be there too.


Concise, informative training. Ask questions as we go, get the most value from every session.

Not technical? Don't worry, our training is designed for you.


Our training sessions can be held in-person or online, whichever you prefer. We will explain your data in a clear, jargon-free, way which will clarify the figures and graphs without leaving you confused. Each training session is completely unique and caters directly to your needs.


For people like you and your team.

Aly and Tom work for a small UK charity. They want to gain more exposure in the local community, reach potential corporate sponsors and promote their events and campaigns.

Here's just a sample of what they can get out of our training sessions:

  • They know and love their supporters. They can turn that knowledge into practical steps in their digital marketing plan.
    We help them leverage their in-depth awareness of their audience and their needs, it can save them wasting time and energy broadcasting their message online to the wrong people.
  • They learn which social media platforms work best for them, and how to evaluate what's working and what's not.
    They can pinpoint which platforms are helping to grow and engaging their audience, and stop spending time and energy on less effective work.
  • They know what kind of content their supporters respond to.
    Conversions are important for Aly and Tom. They want to turn visitors into supporters, fundraisers and ambassadors. They learn how to know which of their marketing efforts provided long-term results.
  • They have an effective digital & social marketing strategy planned out.
    Great marketing starts with a great plan. Their team can now plan their content in advance as part of an effective, coherent digital marketing campaign across their blogging, social media and email marketing that will wow their audience.
Aly and Tom, who work for a small UK Charity.

Don't waste hours on social media.
More impact, less time.

One-to-one or group training sessions,
we've helped organisations of every size.


Approachable and efficient.

We specialise in teaching non-technical people technical things. Our training sessions are friendly and relaxed, we pride ourselves on the trust we have been given by the digital community in Suffolk and East Anglia. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of organisations, big and small, get the most out of their website and social media.


Here's just a sample of the type of things we can cover in a session. We help define your goals and then guide you to the right tools and techniques.


What is social media?
We’ll explain the basics of social media in a way that you can easily understand, covering all the do’s and don’t's of today’s online landscape.

Overview of current social media platforms.
Along with our basic introduction to social media as a whole, we’ll cover all the latest platforms and trends.

Which platforms will work best for you.
With your help, we can expertly pinpoint which platforms would be best for growing and engaging your audience.

Where are your audience?
We can help you focus on your target audience to create content that will increase sales.

Writing a digital marketing plan.
We will help you plan out everything. Having a clear, concise plan will make your digital marketing effortless to control.

Telling stories to increase engagement.
We will demonstrate how to find, gather, package and publish testimonials and stories for maximum impact.

Making more from your existing data.
We can analyse your data and tell you exactly what it means for your good cause, jargon-free!

Improving communications.
We’ll teach you the practices you need to ensure that supporters come away with a positive interaction every time.

Planning a content schedule and using scheduling tools.
Having a plan is good, but having a schedule is even better. We’ll help you stay organised and in control of your digital marketing.

Where best to focus limited time.
There’s little point in putting all your time and effort into one platform if you already have an audience waiting for you on another! We help you make the most of the time you have.

Measuring the results and adapting confidently.
As well as helping you measure and interpret your data, we’ll teach you how to act on it and improve your online presence. 

What not to do and how to spot 'time-sucks'.
We will warn you about all the traps and pitfalls in social media and teach you how to avoid wasting valuable time and effort.


Get training the team behind the tools.

We are the team behind the hugely successful fundraising platform, Echoleft. Working closely with good causes across the UK we have built an easy to use system to have all your Events, Fundraising and In-Memory Giving in one place that everyone can use.

We bring the years of knowledge, experience and skills we've gathered to every training session so you can leverage more value in less time.

Having recently used Measured Brilliance for a website optimisation training session, I couldn’t be any happier with the service they provided me with. Not only was I given the skills and training to enable me to monitor my own website analytics, I have also been given a clear understanding of how to use this information to increase my visitor to customer conversion rate
— Joshua, Ipswich

Digital Skills For Good Causes.

Digital Skills For Good Causes brings together in the south-east helping charities, social enterprises, businesses and local government learn improve their digital skills and making more from the web. This is one of the most trusted and respected groups

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