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How to use grow your Tourism or Hospitality Business

Do online reviews leave you reeling? Are you looking for ways to turn customers into promoters? Do you get frustrated at not being top of customer's searches? Our training session is designed to help you take control.

This is the first of a new series of enhanced sessions designed for the SIMS audience. We'd like to introduce Sanj Naha, former Head of Restaurants at TripAdvisor, who has vast experience, as you can see below.

During this training session Sanj will cover:
• Understanding why TripAdvisor is so important for any Hospitality and Tourism business.
• How to generate more TripAdvisor reviews. 
• Online Reputation Management, turning guests/customers into your promoters.
• How to integrate TripAdvisor marketing tools on your website.
• How to respond to positive and negative reviews. 
• TripAdvisor's best practise. 
• Understanding TripAdvisor's visitor metrics and using the data to influence your marketing mix. 
• Learn about Paid and FREE TripAdvisor Marketing Tools.

If you work in a business and TripAdvisor is a medium your customers use this session will be invaluable. Make sure you book a place.