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Copywriting with Sally Ormond & Business Narrative by Paul Johnstone

Hello everyone,  

We're preparing for May's SIMS and we're all excited! Our topics for May are important parts of every business and we have the best experts lined up to share their expertise and experience.

First of all, we have Sally Ormond from Briar Copywriting coming to tell us about Copywriting. She draws on her experience to dispel some of the urban myths about writing copy for the web and to explain why your copywriting should be natural. Sally became a freelance copywriter back in 2007. Over that time she has built up an enviable global client base, working with businesses both large and small.   

This talk covers: 

  • Urban myths about copywriting
  • Why your copywriting should be natural

Our second speaker for the night is Paul Johnstone from Paradigm Shakers coming to talk to us about business narratives. 

Your business narrative is an integral part of your communications to the world. It is important that you get the most from it.  This is why getting prospects to interact with your written communication, is one of the best ways of generating business. Therefore, the effort you put in it should work for you. It’s a fact that the best way to achieve this is by telling your story.

Being able to tell your story in a way that prospects understand you and your company is an important skill. In this meetup, you will learn how to tell your story. This is an important component in your sales and marketing mix. You will understand how to use a simple ‘framework’ that fits any situation. This will help you become better storytellers and develop a powerful business narrative.

You’ll be introduced to techniques to help you deliver a better story that includes:

  • Knowing and understanding your audience
  • Understanding the best language to use and why it works
  • Awareness of why simple is always best

As always, it's going to be a great night of educating and networking. We hope to see you there!