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Google Streetview & Drone Photography


We're setting things up for February's SIMS and here's what we have so far. 

Our first speaker is Carl Lamb.

Google Street View for Business with Carl Lamb.

Since it's humble beginnings at Stanford University in the USA, Google Street View has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. We now take for granted that we can research almost any address and see exactly where we need to go. Perhaps for a meeting, the monthly catch up with friends or maybe to view places we remember from our childhood. 

Recently, Google has allowed businesses themselves to become integrated into Street View, allowing their customers to not only see where they are based on the map, but to be able to interactively explore inside a location and really get to know the business on an unprecedented level. 

In this session we will cover: 

  • What is Google Street View for Business? 
  • Where is it seen?
  • How to best showcase a business with Street View
  • Some weird and wonderful examples for inspiration! 

Carl Lamb from ambientLight is an immersive virtual tour creator helping both local businesses and national brands engage customers through the power of interactive 360 degree tours online. Carl was approached directly by Google in early 2012 in order to help provide the new Google Street View for business service to customers throughout East Anglia. 

Our second speaker is Pete Kyle

Drone Photography with Pete Kyle

Pete has a background in media, working in Photography, Film and TV for 30 years. He is able to combine his visual eye with his experience as a trained and licensed UAV pilot.

UK Aircam is a Suffolk based media production company with 30 years’ experience in Photography, Film and TV. They are also a Civil Aviation Authority approved and licensed UAV (drone) operator.  They can offer high end, aerial video and photography alongside aerial surveys with full 3-D mapping.

This is a great way to give your venue an extra dimension online or in print and offers potential clients a unique perspective of your property and land.

More details about Pete Kyle's talk will follow soon.

A quick note prior to February's SIMS: The SIMS "Be Brilliant in 2016" competition will be running until the 16th February so make sure you sign up!

If you have any questions, get in touch with Sam on 0776 585 2887. 

See you soon. 

Sam & Max