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Understanding Wordpress & How Web Accessibility Can Improve your Business

SIMS is ready kick-off 2016 with January's SIMS where we have two web-based individuals in Andy Proctor and Angie Vale ready to share their knowledge in Wordpress and Web Accessibility. 

Andy Proctor will be going through the "How's and Why's" of Wordpress websites along with a few tips and advice to go along with it. 

Can you do your website yourself and should you do it yourself? Doing it ‘in-house’ gives more control and WordPress is free, so why would we need to pay someone to make a WordPress website for us? Can you have a go and then get someone to fix the mess? (yes, you can!)

Andy will show you free tools and services to help you with your website, with the focus on a WordPress website. While he makes websites for other people, he is very aware that anyone can work it out for themselves and will expand on this. He will bring together elements of functions, layouts and marketing to show you how a website should be more than something you should have, but a tool that gets brand awareness and contact, but more importantly on-line sales or the phone ringing. 

It will be at a fast pace but a video will be recorded for viewing on the SIMS website, so be ready for some humour and insight as well as outcomes to suit all of the SIMS members. Andy strongly believes that you should be able to take possession of your own website with confidence and he will show you the following, all directly relevant to why WordPress works so well for the end user.

This talk will cover:  

  • What is cloud hosting and CMS?
  • How to ‘properly’ add and amend pages.
  • Using the Widgets and changing the home page.
  • Editor access and how you can use any developer.
  • What you should remove from a website and why.
  • All important Google Bounce explained in 90 seconds.
  • Links to keep Google happy while measuring sales/contact.
  • How much can you control yourself without your developer.
  • What to make sure your developer promises to do ongoing.
  • The basics you need to do if you make the website yourself.

About Andy

He currently works for a Felixstowe based B-2-B weddings and craft stockist, setting them up on-line with an e-commerce shop and their new marketing focus. He is passionate about WordPress and have used it commercially with great success and want to spread the word about this free platform for great looking websites.
He offers training on WordPress websites attends the School for Social Entrepreneurs at the Eastern Enterprise Hub and understand corporate social responsibility and how a business can do good while making profit. 
"I am able to present in a fun way, while keeping the audience engaged and free to deliver presentations and sessions for large groups in Suffolk ongoing."

Angie Vale from Baby Purple Hippo Web Design will be explaining how web accessibility can improve your business.

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web, and that they can contribute to the Web. This also includes people with changing abilities due to ageing.

Web accessibility also considers the technology used to view websites such as browser choice, broadband speed and mobile devices. 

Websites and applications that don’t consider these needs may be missing out on potential business.

This talk will cover:

  • What is web accessibility
  • Why web accessibility is important
  • How you can make your website more accessible
  • How you can test your website for accessibility
  • How web accessibility can help your business.

About Angie

Angie Vale runs Purple Baby Hippo, a small web design company who build WordPress websites. 

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