What's Included?


Health Check

We will check all the technical aspects of your website that affect its relationship with Google. Serious issues can sneak up on you if nobody technical is checking that things are working as they should behind the scenes. For instance - If a software update broke the way Google index your website right now, would you know? We’ll identify any problems straight away and provide you with advice for the best possible solutions to fix them.


Search Engine Optimisation

We review a wide range of analytical information about your website using a mixture of Google’s own tools and a few of our own. We cross-reference the data with your aims to produce a simple, clear report so you can see the impact of our work. We also provide content adjustments to enhance your web presence and develop an Action Plan prioritising the next three steps to take to continue growing your audience most efficiently.


Social Media Performance Review

Social media is a great way of engaging with your audience, and telling potential customers about the products and services you have to offer. But like any other marketing activity, the impact of your effort has to be measured to identify what is working best for you and what isn’t.

We use your data to see which of your social media activities are most effective, and help you to optimise your future activity to gain maximum reaction from your social following. If you're feeling advanced, we can then provide link tagging to help us track individual marketing campaigns, or we can just provide you with advice to keep you on target.

Clear, Simple Reports

It's really important to us that you aren't overwhelmed or confused by your own data. Our monthly reports guide you through the story your data is telling and lets you provide feedback or ask us questions about it there and then.


Monthly “Conversion Academy” Updates

The web moves really quickly, making it hard to keep up with the latest trends, technology and best-practices. To make your life easier every month, we curate a set of news and useful articles and deliver them straight into your report. We include everything we think you should be aware of to help you get more visitors and convert more of them into customers. You can read each one and ask us questions, or save them for another time.

Action Plan: The next 3 things you need to do.

Making the very most of your web presence is a long-term commitment, but even long-term plans require immediate actions. Cross referencing your business aims with knowledge of your technical data means we are able to provide you with a prioritised list of the next 3 clear steps you should take to achieve your targets.


Question & Answer

How will I know if this is working for me?

We measure everything we do, and show you the results of what we’re doing in our monthly reports. We also actively try and show you how to review the data yourself so you can take our work further.

It is worth pointing out at the stage, however, that this is a partnership and we need you to do your part too. Everything we include in our Action Plan is there for a valid reason. We can’t make you take the actions we advise and so If you decide not to, our impact will likely be limited.

I’m worried I won’t understand this. I’m not technical.

We work with hundreds of small businesses with varying degrees of technical ability. Notice how this page doesn’t include lots of technical terms and strange tables? That’s by design. Our reporting does include graphs, charts and tables, but we make sure to include a single-sentence takeaway underneath to keep them clear, and we use colour and icons to highlight what’s important.

What if I’m using Google Adwords or Facebook ads?

No problem. While we don’t manage your campaigns as part of this package, we will report on their impact and help you make sure you’re getting every penny’s worth of value from your online advertising budget.


We offer more than SEO to help
small businesses increase their sales.

We build websites. Really good ones.

We specialise in websites for small and medium-sized businesses that are designed to help you reach a larger audience and make more sales.

It's important to us that you own your website, and can update your content whenever you want. The tools we provide are straightforward, and it's our job to maximise their value for your business.

We provide training and consultancy tailored to your business.

Sometimes you need unique advice. We have helped hundreds of businesses in our years of experience with one-to-one clinics, group training and consultancy.

Topics often include social media content marketing, email marketing, how to use social networks and, for the more technical people, analytics reviews.

We're the people behind SIMS, a hugely successful training and education group in the south-east, helping businesses grow online, making us the perfect people to train and consult with your business.