Take your business to the next level with our part-review, part-training SEO clinics.

It's difficult to know what's working when it comes to your website. You know how essential your website is to get more customers, increase your audience and make more sales, but where do you start? How do you know if the steps you're taking are working?

Our in-person SEO clinics are specifically tailored to help you understand how your website is performing, as well as providing you with the necessary skills and techniques you need to give you ultimate control over your brand.

Making sure your website is working effectively to draw in visitors and convert them into customers is an incredibly important part of your online presence.


Providing clarity and illuminating the way forward.

Our clinics are held in-person, either one-to-one or as a group session. We will explain your data in a clear, jargon-free, way which will clarify the figures and graphs without leaving you confused. Each clinic is completely unique and caters directly to your business’ needs.

We concentrate on giving you the power and control to effectively use your data to optimise your online presence and increase sales.

Although each clinic is different, we have a number of core aims we seek to achieve in every session;

  • To review your website's content, SEO, accessibility and technical setup.
    We’ll analyse your site’s content and data, telling you exactly what it means for your business in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Explore how your website currently fits into your processes and see if we can suggest ways to save time (and money).
    There’s nothing worse than wasting your time on optimisation techniques that just don’t work. We’ll help you avoid those potholes.
  • Review your existing social media activity and advise how to post more effectively.
    Social media is a great way to interact with and expand your audience. We’ll help you get on the right platforms for you and make sure you’re making the most of your social media presence.
  • Give you tips and tricks to build an effective content marketing strategy.
    We want to help you control your own online content, so we’ll help you plan an effective strategy to deliver content to your audience.
  • Find potential audiences you can build on.
    A large part of optimising your website is reaching people who aren’t necessarily looking for your business. We’ll help you expand your business’ reach online.
  • Each clinic includes a full report and Action Plan to help you grow your business online. We're happy to record the session if you need it so you can listen again.
    Our Action Plan means that you won’t come out of the clinic feeling lost; we give you clear steps to improve your website optimisation.

We review a wide range of analytical information about your website using a mixture of Google’s own tools and a few of our own. We cross-reference the data with your aims to show the impact of SEO and ways which you can improve your website.

Wondering if our SEO clinics are right for your business? Ask yourself these questions;

Do I know what works in my website and what doesn’t?

Do I know how many visitors to my website are converted into customers?

Do I know how I can improve my website’s searchability?

Do I want to improve my website to increase sales?

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, if you’re an online whiz or a total newbie, if you’re looking for answers to these questions, we can help.


What our clients say -

Having recently used Measured Brilliance for a website optimisation clinic, I couldn’t be any happier with the service they provided me with. Not only was I given the skills and training to enable me to monitor my own website analytics, I have also been given a clear understanding of how to use this information to increase my visitor to customer conversion rate
— Joshua, Ipswich

Approachable and efficient.

We specialise in speaking to both novice and experienced business owners, in terms of SEO. Our clinics are friendly and relaxed, we pride ourselves on the trust we have been afforded by the local business community in Suffolk.

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, both big and small, get the most out of their website optimisation.

Is it time to review your website's performance? If you'd like to talk with our experienced team of developers, designers, marketing and SEO experts in a one to one or group session which is all about your business, then get in touch.


Question & Answer

How will I know if this is working for me?

We measure everything we do and show you the results of what we’re doing in our reports. We also actively try and show you how to review the data yourself so you can take our work further.

It is worth pointing out at the stage, however, that this is a partnership and we need you to do your part too. Everything we include in our Action Plan is there for a valid reason. We can’t make you take the actions we advise and so If you decide not to, our impact will likely be limited.

What if I’m using Google Adwords or Facebook ads?

No problem. While we don’t manage your campaigns as part of this clinic, we will report on their impact and help you make sure you’re getting every penny’s worth of value from your online advertising budget.


I’m worried I won’t understand this. I’m not technical.

We work with hundreds of small businesses with varying degrees of technical ability. Notice how this page doesn’t include lots of technical terms and strange tables? That’s by design. Our clinic reports do include graphs, charts and tables, but we make sure to include a single-sentence takeaway underneath to keep them clear, and we use colour and icons to highlight what’s important.