Reporting & Analytics

Discovering the value in your digital data.

Graphs and charts are the easy part. You’re looking for action, impact and value.


Insights with impact.

Organisations like yours are receiving more data every day. Your audience is telling you what they want and need through your digital interactions, and you’re ready to start making that data part of your planning and delivery process. We create reporting that doesn’t just produce numbers, charts and graphs, but gives context, guidance and insight.


Readable reporting.

The technical abilities of your team will vary, and that means the way vital data is presented to them needs to vary too. We have experience producing and updating reporting tools based on the needs of diverse teams. From technical behind-the-scenes teams who want to dig into the data on their own terms, to vital forward-facing groups that need to know what’s important to your organisation and your audience.


Distributing data.

It’s all too easy for individuals or small teams to become silos of data, with no easy way of showing other people what’s really happening. Get ahead of the issue by sending curated data, complete with guidance, to different teams. We help create reporting that foster better communication, team integration and understanding across your organisation.


Tailored to your tools.

We aren’t tied to one tool or technique, and we don’t think you should be either. We’re comfortable in off-the-shelf reporting tools, and we’ve helped client build tools that bring all their data together. Whatever you’re working with, let’s have a conversation about how we can help do more with your data.