Our Story

People often ask "What is your USP?"

The greatest influence behind Measured Brilliance is our family bond, being a close brother and sister team gives us an added advantage. Not only working together, but with each other and for each other enables us to know exactly what needs to be done for our clients projects. Our USP!

We both have different skills but have a real understanding of each others knowledge, which is such a valuable asset to our clients needs. Our passion for working together led us to create our own iconic brand and in 2012 Measured Brilliance was launched. The aim was simple - using all of our combined knowledge and skills, allows us to create unique, bespoke websites for businesses and charitable organisations that really work, with complete training and support packages, to get the best for you in this digital world. We don't build and send you off blind.  This is still the driving force behind the brand.

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MAX SHELLEY - The Power Behind Measured Brilliance

Every organisation needs a processor! Hired at 19 by BT as a developer, where he still has lots of friends to this day, before becoming a freelance user-interface designer.  (He built websites & apps). Later moving into data-driven design and analytics analysis  (looked at stuff really closely), creating a service to teach beginners how to use PC's. Max now focusses on front-end development, user experience design and Ruby development. He has basically been coding, and with our new Echoleft platform which is setting a trend to refashion the way charitable causes use 3rd parties to raise money, he's been coding a lot. Max is the power behind many nationwide projects and with knowledge and technical capabilities is able to build exactly what you need, not what is on the shelf. A real 'my door is always open' when it comes to working with you and always having the best for your organisation at heart.


Sam Parnell - The Gears Behind Measured Brilliance

Every organisation needs to drive forward! Sam has a history in technical sales and marketing and during her career has marketed many corporates and SMEs. Renowned for her enthusiasm (a very contagious passion) for supporting the charity sector and businesses, she really gets to understand your organisation to get the best out of working with you (she will leave you feeling enthused). Sam has spent many years working in the technological sector meaning she is able to translate developer speak into 'human'! A natural communicator, this is shown from the numerous events that Sam has headlined regarding offering training and insights in this digital world.  What you need is someone that takes your ideas and turns them into reality, that's her simple brilliance.