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How to successfully promote your events online.

  • Measured Brilliance Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3RE UK (map)

Date TBC. We're accepting early-registration now, if you would like to reserve a space, contact us.

 A practical, interactive training event.

A practical, interactive training event.

Use less time. Make more money. Have a bigger impact.

Who is this for?
Charities, social enterprises, CICs and other good causes that are running or planning fundraising events. The event contains both practical and strategic content for digital marketing, if you're not sure which members of your team should attend, feel free to call and discuss it with us.

What's value does this event provide?
The sessions will help you get better results from your event marketing efforts, whether that's a higher revenue per attendee, less time spent administering events, longer relationships with your supporters or higher retention rates for repeated events.

The session will give you a clear understanding of what you need to put into place to maximise your impact.

We will take you on a learning journey through your fundraising events. From planning to launch, on the day, follow-up and retention. We'll then look at what has been achieved and how to measure it. All through the eyes of helping non-technical people using technical tools.

What happens if we don't come to this event?
You want great outcomes from events that carry your name. You might be targeting increased revenues, wider awareness, bigger social impact or an internal team target. If you're not using digital tools to leverage your team's talent and passion, you're going to lose time and money as you chase those goals. Don't miss out on a chance to squeeze every ounce of value from your team's work.

Who is running this?
The team at Measured Brilliance are running this event. As well as working with organisations of varying sizes for the last six years to deliver digital projects, they also run Echoleft the events fundraising platform and Digital Skills For Good Causes, an online educational community for people just like you.

Although charities have amazing potential to address social challenges through digital, many aren’t yet using it to it’s full potential. We can help them build and strengthen relationships with their supporters.
— Max Shelley

The first in a series of events that will help your charitable organisation explore your time and the tools you use to make an impact with your events and fundraising efforts.

Leave the session with benefits that you can really put into action.