Echoleft is a tool that brings Charitable Organisations Events and Fundraising together in one place to maximise their efforts.

“We needed a system that simplifies the whole process of our fundraising efforts, Echoleft gave us this and more.”

“We needed a system that simplifies the whole process of our fundraisers efforts, Echoleft gave us this and more.”

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Charity Events

Registration & ticketing for your events

Create a branded website for your events in just a few moments. Sell tickets or let people register in advance for your organised charity events. People can register for themselves and in groups/teams, including paying registration fees.

After registering, your supporters are able to create a fundraising page, with your event details already filled in, making their path to accepting donations even easier.

Create custom registration forms for every event, letting you ask participants for everything you need at once, saving time and money. Registrants can update their registration information at any time, making it easier for you to support them.


Your organised events are built into Echoleft's fundraising pages.

When your supporters register or buy tickets for your organised events, we guide them to create a fundraising page at the same time. Your event registrations and their fundraising activity all in one place, automatically linked. See fundraising totals for every event, alongside ticket sales, registration fees and donor information.


More economical impact for great causes.


Online Fundraising

Fundraising pages that tell a story.

Your supporters can set up fundraising pages including targets, offline totals, details of their events, photos and more. Our fundraising pages are designed to be familiar to both fundraisers and donors.

If they are raising money in memory of a loved one, fundraising pages can easily be linked with one of our memorial websites, so every event in memory becomes part of a larger fundraising story that is designed to last. We want to help you encourage further fundraising in the future.

Our lasting events are perfect for annual and recurring fundraising activity.


Amy's team can manage the event, and the fundraising in one place.

Echoleft makes things easier for your supporters, it also makes things easier for you!

  • Add branding and custom email contents for every event.
  • Get a combined ticket/fee and fundraising total in real-time.
  • Your whole team can help manage events.
  • Our payment provider, Stripe, means payments are PCI compliant.
  • GDPR policies in place, custom data consent features available.
  • All donations offer GiftAid eligibility.
  • Customisable CSV exports to integrate with your own database or CRM.

In-Memory Giving

Memorials that connect with your cause.

Memorial websites that allow friends and family to add photos, tell stories and accept contributions from others. Privacy and security are built in.

Every memorial comes with a tribute fund and fundraising tools, allowing you to open up a conversation about donations and legacy giving. Our fundraising pages and event management features are also integrated, making in-memory fundraising more accessible than ever.