Setting Up Online Groups & #SuffolkHour


March’s SIMS focuses on groups and communities in social media and how it can help your business create and develop it's own online community. It’s an opportunity for to get your brand out there for potential customers to see.

For this month we have Gemma Thompson from Suffolk Business Stars and the SuffolkHour crew from #Suffolkhour talk to us about how you can utilise social media and turn it into a communication path to your future customers.


A social community that anyone can reach. Online communities are becoming more popular. Facebook groups or pages can be used to reach out to your audience and reach them to a personal level.

It’s another way to communicate with  your potential customers and tell them all about your business and what services you offer. The more members there are in a group means there are more opportunities for you to offer them your services.

Why come to this SIMS?
It’s a free event where you can find out how to become successful from learn how to be successful by learning from the experience of experts and beginners. If you’re planning on starting your own social community, SIMS is perfect place to hear the best advice from the best people.

This month’s talk will cover:
Suffolk Business Stars

  • How Suffolk Business Stars began
  • How are they useful
  • Setting up your own online group
  • Managing online groups


  • Talk about how #suffolkhour started and what #suffolkhour is.
  • How online communities can help build relationships and communities.
  • Helping non Twitter users understand why it can be helpful in business.
  • Hear about some of the #suffolkhour regulars.
  • Find out where #suffolkhour will go next.

29th March, Tuesday 7pm, UCS Waterfront Building Ipswich.
See you there!