Do you own your website's domain name? If not, you're at risk.

So many business owners think of their website and their domain name as a single entity, not knowing that they are are two separate elements that are only linked together. When asked who owns their domain name, all too often the answer is,

‘I don’t know’

When the answer should be,

‘I do. I own my website’s domain name’

Your domain name is your address on the internet. It’s the thing that your visitors will use to find you and if you aren’t the owner of your own domain name, you run the risk of being held ransom by a disgruntled web developer and losing your online identity that you may have spent valuable years building up.

This is Clive.

He is a business owner who had his website built by a developer a few years ago. It was effective at the time that it was built, but it’s starting to fall behind and be less effective for his business, so he decides that it’s time to have a new website built.

After finding a new developer that meets his needs, he realises that he’d like to keep his current domain name but he doesn’t have access to the registrar account that it’s stored on. His old developer bought the domain when she built Clive’s first website, so he tries to contact her to ask for access to his domain name.

The trouble starts when Clive can’t get into contact with his web developer. His phone calls and emails are going completely unanswered and he can’t find any trace of her online. Without her access, Clive is unable to access his domain name and point it towards his new website.

This shouldn’t happen to any business owner. That’s why we help people like Clive regain control of their web presence.

We make sure that you don’t end up in the same situation when we build your website, ensuring that you are in control of both your website and your domain name. We fully protect you and your business from day one, transferring all ownership over to you once your project is complete.

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