Converting your leads into sales - Sales & Telemarketing at July's SIMS

July’s SIMS featured Sales and Telemarketing by the experts from ActionCoach and Your Telemarketing. Suzanne Macdonald-Carr and Laura Morrison, represented by Cristina and Barry Burns, talked to us all about how to prioritise your marketing plan to increase your sales. 

Andrew Diver was also at July’s SIMS where he brought us his latest round of accountancy advice on Tax on Company Vehicles. Andrew Diver is from the Beatons group who are one of the sponsors for SIMS.

Suzanne Macdonald Carr gave many pointers on how the diverse the world of sales and marketing is and what to focus on as part of your business’ marketing plan. She even gave us four points to focus on:

  • Target Audience
  • Strategies
  • Offers
  • Campaign

Laura Morrison was unable to come and speak at SIMS but fortunately Barry and Cristina Burns stepped in to fill her shoes and present on behalf of Laura and the Your Telemarketing Team. Barry went on to tell us about telemarketing and all the processes that happen from one phone line to another along with a few tips and tricks. Laura and Your Telemarketing also shared a special offer for all the SIMS attendees!

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Thank you all for coming to SIMS!