Get Better at Social Media: "Ask the Experts" Panel Event - June's SIMS


Hello everyone,

Join SIMS as they host an “Ask the Expert” Panel Event for small businesses. For the month of June, SIMS will focusing on teaching small businesses on how to use social media with the help of local social media experts. This is a free-for-all event for all types of businesses. 28th June, Tuesday 7pm at the UCS Waterfront Building Ipswich. 

What's an "Ask the Experts" Panel event?

The SIMS "Ask the Experts" Panel Event is Q&A session that gives small businesses a chance to ask social media experts for free advice. The SIMS speakers will cover a range social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. Whether you're a beginner in social media or looking for ways to utilise your exiting social media page, come to SIMS and get the best expert advice for free. June's SIMS is the best place to answer your business' questions about social media and SEO. 

Here are SIMS panelists for June:


We also have Andrew Diver from the Beatons Group who'll be giving us a "What you need to know in 5 minutes" roundup to help you get a better grip of finance for your business.

Beatons is one of the sponsors for SIMS

We hope to see you there.