Max's Round-up from June's SIMS

Max's round-up this June of all things new in the industry. 

Every month at SIMS, Max provides a brief run-down of just some of the tech-related news that may affect small businesses, and agencies that work with small businesses and we post the links here. If any of these catch your interest, but you're not sure how they would affect you, feel free to get in touch and ask!



There were lots of updates within one month but luckily Max has summarised it for the SIMS audience (as he always does!). Which ones do you think will affect your business? Learn more below:

Google have produced an app that helps you make video ads for your business. It tells you what to do and sorts everything out for you. It's currently US & Canada only, but I can only assume it will be coming to the UK soon. Either way, the video explainer is worth a watch:

This is a link that we couldn't squeeze in for the last SIMS, but AdWords releases a range of updates for their display network and other ad types all heavily based around mobile. If that's something you use, it's worth going through their post with an overview of the updates.

There is a temporary issue where some people are unable to use the keyword planner tool without an active ad campaign. Google have confirmed this is a bug. More information at the link above, and if you're not aware of, or using the Keyword Planner tool you probably should be.

You might not know that Google has a local guides scheme. How do you find out about local businesses and places that don't, won't or can't update their own details? You get the public to do it by starting a ‘Local Guides’ scheme.

One of the perks of using it is early access to new Google Maps and Google Local features, so if you use those for your business. Why not sign up and see what it's all about?

Ads now have green labels. No, it's not major news, but it's something you can say to let everyone know that you're keeping up-to-date with the search engine results page!

From the horse's mouth, a round-up of notes from Google's AMA at a recent conference. Some key takeaways are the continued commitment to a ‘mobile-only’ index and a significant change to Search Console:

“It looks like after three years since Google promised more data and longer history of data in the Google Search Console, it may be coming. Gary said that the team is working on it and that the lead of the Google Search Console team was very “direct” with his team about making sure to give webmasters more history with their search analytics and other data in the Google Search Console.”

Another day, another usability tool from Google. This time, it's baked right into Search Console.

You can now compare two queries in Google Search Console. Google are slowly and quietly making Search Console a powerful SEO tool (albeit with the caveat that you have to trust the sampled data they give you).

Google have confirmed they don't look for words in your TLD (which is the last part of your website address, usually .com or There are ads telling you to get ‘.lawyer’ or ‘.yourindustry’ but these won't make an SEO difference, so don't risk a domain-name move unless you really know what you're doing.

Apple opened up Apple Maps to external developers. This means if you're a local business then apps you use in other ways may suddenly be available in a new way, for example, restaurants using OpenTable may be able to take bookings directly from the Maps app on your phone.

Apple announced changes in ads in the app store and subscription pricing for (seemingly) all types of apps. If you'd held off looking at apps as you couldn't make the one-off payment model work, this is worth looking at.

Here's a link to the official documentation for it: