The Human Face of Copywriting & Telling your Business Narrative


Hello everyone,

May’s SIMS featured Sally Ormond from Briar Copywriting as she debunked myths about copywriting and suggested useful tricks when writing content and appealing to business audiences. Our second speaker, Paul Johnstone from Paradigm Shakers talked about best practices of telling the story for businesses along with common bad practices businesses do and don’t realise. We definitely saw lots of note-taking and and a few raise of hands in the Q&A section where our speakers answered burning questions about copywriting and telling your story through your business.

Similar to last month, we got a "What you need to know in 5 minutes" accountancy advice roundup from Beatons Group one of the proud sponsors of SIMS, brought to us by Andrew Diver.

The best thing about this month’s talk was its relevance to any industry, since all businesses have to write content. Fortunately for our SIMS audience, we have got the best experts to speak for us at SIMS. Here are some points they covered throughout their talks.

Main points from Sally’s Talk:

  • Be Simple and keep your writing relevant to you and your business.
  • Show your personality through your website.
  • Let your creativity take over. Keep writing.

Main points from Paul’s Talk:

  • Write for one person.
  • Write with a purpose and an end in mind.
  • Don’t write too much jargon. Just simple enough to convince your customers.
  • Hierarchy of importance: Audience, Message, You.

As Sam mentioned at the end of May’s SIMS, we will be having an “Ask the Experts” Panel Event where you can get free expert advice one-to-one. It’s a SIMS meetup worth looking forward to.

Thank you all for coming.

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Some photos from last night: