Using Video for your Business and Making a Successful Youtube Channel

Join us at April's SIMS to learn more about how you can use video and the power of Youtube for your business.

This April at SIMS, we have Barry & Cristina Burns from BoMoJo Productions and Elene Marsden from Hangouts4Business coming to talk to us about their expertise in video and film, perfect for everyone who wants to learn about adding video as a new method of promoting you business online.


Why should your business use video?

  • It's quick, snazzy, and self-explanatory (which visitors love!).
  • It adds a new form of interaction between your visitors/customers.
  • Promotes creativity and shows a lot about your business' personality.

About our speakers. 

Barry and Cristina Burns from BoMoJo Productions are highly reputable video and film creators in Suffolk. They've produced work for several prestigious events such as the Suffolk Skills Show, the Suffolk Show, UK AeroExpo 2015 and many more exciting events. See their other projects.

Our second speaker is Elene Marsden from Hangouts4Business. Elene has spoken at October's SIMS 2014 where she talked about Google Hangouts for your Business. This time, she'll be discussing her Youtube Channel and how you can set up your own with a few tips and tricks to get your business started.

We're all excited to see what they can teach us. We'll all be having our cameras out in no time!

See you there.