Let your Visitors Watch and Learn: Video & YouTube at SIMS


April’s SIMS saw outstanding and truly engaging presentations from Barry and Cristina Burns from BoMoJo Productions and Elene Marsden from Hangouts4Business. We had a good mix of new and regular SIMS attendees who came to a useful meet-up where our video experts gave their perspective on how to use video and set up a YouTube Channel for their businesses. 


Before our speakers took the spotlight, we also had quick "What you need to know in 5 minutes" monthly roundup from Helen Oldfield on behalf of Andrew Diver from the Beatons Group telling us about latest changes in accountancy for business. 

Here are our main points from last night's presentations. 

Points from Barry and Cristina's Talk:

  • Before making a video, plan ahead. Who is your audience? What do they want to see? 
  • Balance your video and audio. They're equally important and are complementary.
  • Don't give up. Making video can be difficult but every mistake is learning point and is an important step to your future success. Good luck!

Points from Elene's Talk: 

  • Make your content relevant. Make sure your video is tailored to your target audience. 
  • Share relevant content. Like Elene has done, this gives more content in your website/channel. Sharing gives more value to your audience which they'll love. 
  • Produce as much content as you can. This will build over time and then you can see the fruit of your hard work. 
  • Success doesn't happen over night. Being a successful YouTube Channel takes hard-work and passion. Keep going. 

For inspiration, take a look at Elene's YouTube Channel

We hope you enjoyed last night's talk. We've received wonderful feedback from everyone at SIMS which hopefully carries on until next month. 

Click on the links below to access other content from April's SIMS:

Here are some photos from last night: 

Technical difficulties that went unnoticed (hopefully). 

Technical difficulties that went unnoticed (hopefully). 

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you in the next one