A Whole New Perspective for your Business: Google Street View & Drone Photography

“Wow!” was probably the expression in everyone’s face during last night’s SIMS meetup as we had professional photographers, Carl Lamb from ambientLight and Pete Kyle & Darren Ilston from UK Aircam talk us through the nature of their industries showcasing their astounding photographs and video which you can actually have for your business. Why not use these flashy features and amaze your customers coming to your website?

Carl Lamb showed us some of his fine work with Google Street View for Business. He’s done work for local businesses in Ipswich one of which is the New Wolsey Theatre. Google Street View for Business is a whole new way of enticing potential customers as a more and more business use this. A quick run-through, some notes and reminders from Carl’s demo:

  • Google Street View allows you to actually go into your office or work space.
  • Google Street View for business ties in well with you Google brand page.
  • They can be added to your website for your visitors to see.

For the second half of the night, we had Pete Kyle and Darren Ilston discuss the limitations and the preparation needed to become a fully registered Drone Pilot. They also gave us an insight of what drones can do and what use it can be for your business. We also had a fascinating Q&A session where a number of SIMS attendees asked curious questions of the do’s and don’t in drone photography. A few things to keep in mind preceding the talk:

  • Only fly drones commercially (or for money) if you’re fully qualified.
  • Drones can be used to capture photos of wide properties or survey industrial buildings.
  • They could be used to to showcase your business in a massive scale (if it's relevant to what you do).

As Sam mentioned the drone photography industry is still growing. If anyone discovers a way which drone photography can become useful for small businesses then please feel free to share it with everyone amongst SIMS.


A few photos from last night:

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality kit. 
Did you get to put these on? 

See you in the next one!