SIMS Be Brilliant in 2016 Competition (Closed)


SIMS and Measured Brilliance are proud to present our first competition for small businesses with support from Ipswich Borough Council.

The idea behind all this comes from our experience. Measured Brilliance has been providing websites and digital marketing training to small business for over 3 years. We pride ourselves in our work and the impact of what we’ve done to improve our clients’ businesses. We're inspired by the idea of small businesses thriving locally and boosting Suffolk economically and we see this competition as an opportunity to further motivate local businesses. 

How long will this competition run?
Entries will open on 26th January 2016 and close at midnight 16th February 2016. All details are on the SIMS website.

Why a competition? 
The purpose of this competition is to bring you a step closer to what you want to achieve for your business this year. We want businesses to become brilliant, bold, and confident about themselves in the upcoming year and fearlessly implement new ideas to their business. To do so, we’re giving away £1,000 worth of digital services to turn your next idea into online reality.

Why should you enter?
One of the things we see our clients struggle with, time and time again, is integrating their ideas into their business, and especially into their web presence. There are several reasons for this, it may be that the scope of the idea is so large they're not sure how to implement it, or it may be budget. If these things apply to your business, then this competition seeks to help you resolve those limitations within your business, to help you visualise what your ideal online presence in 2016 would look like and raise awareness of SIMS to help everyone achieve this.

About SIMS
Started two and half years ago by local digital agency Measured Brilliance (that's us), SIMS is a free monthly meet-up where businesses, individuals, students and digital enthusiasts meet to learn how to work more effectively online. 

SIMS meet on the last Tuesday of each month and invite guest speakers from different industries to talk about experiences in their field that may be valuable to your business.