Understanding Wordpress & Web Accessibility

SIMS with Measured Brilliance, is proud to present two speakers for January's meetup. We're more than excited to start 2016, bringing more topics, facts, figures, new technologies and latest development in the online industry to our valued SIMS audience. 

This month's topic is on Wordpress and Web Accessibility. Both Andy Proctor and Angie Vale specialise in Wordpress and run their businesses through Wordpress. They are only two of over 2.1 million businesses that run their websites through Wordpress and perhaps even you. It started as a blogging content management system that has become something bigger similar to the likes of a fully functioning website. In this evening Andy and Angie will go through how you can optimise and effectively use your Wordpress website to the fullest.  

For startup businesses. If you're thinking of creating a website to start up your business then this is a good opportunity to see one of the most commonly used Content Management Systems out there. For existing Wordpress users, this is an opportunity to improve their websites and other features or functions of Wordpress builds that you can use to make your website smarter and wonderfully designed. 

Help people find your website.  Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web, and that they can contribute to the Web. This also includes people with changing abilities due to aging.

Web accessibility also considers the technology used to view websites such as browser choice, broadband speed and mobile devices. Websites and applications that don’t consider these needs may be missing out on potential business. Web accessibility takes all users into account which means more customers for you!

Whichever standpoint your businesses needs some advice or experience in, it'll be worth it to come and take a look at what our SIMS speakers can offer you.

Andy's talk will cover:

  • Free tools and services to help you with your website, with the focus on a WordPress website. 
  • Elements of functions, layouts and marketing to show you how a website should be more than something you should have, but a tool that gets brand awareness and contact. 
  • How to ‘properly’ add and amend pages.
  • Using the Widgets and changing the home page.
  • Editor access and how you can use any developer.
  • What you should remove from a website and why.
  • All important Google Bounce explained in 90 seconds.
  • Links to keep Google happy while measuring sales/contact.
  • How much can you control yourself without your developer.
  • What to make sure your developer promises to do ongoing.
  • The basics you need to do if you make the website yourself.

Angie's talk will cover: 

  • What is web accessibility.
  • Why web accessibility is important.
  • How you can make your website more accessible.
  • How you can test your website for accessibility.
  • How web accessibility can help your business.

If you'd like to see more details for this event, here's a link to our SIMS Meetup page and SIMS Event Page. We hope to see you there!