Industry Round-up from June's SIMS

Every month at SIMS Max gives a round up of what's new in SEO and on the web. Here's this month's update which includes the latest revision of Search Engine Land's SEO periodic table and news about Apple Maps which might matter to your business. Any questions, get in touch.

Google have announced a new tool to help you know what data they store for you.

Stripe are now powering 'buyable pins'. Great if you sell things that do really well on Pinterest.

On a similar note to the above link, Google are now showing Pins in the mobile carousel.

Android Pay is coming. It's like Apple Pay, but with more Google

It's like your normal inbox, but more confusing.

Mobile search now represents the majority of Google searches in the UK & Ireland.

iOS 9 updates maps heavily, can now browse for businesses by category rather than just showing them as random red dots.

If you, or your client's, site relies on ad revenue, this is big news. Safari on iOS is a massively popular browser and this has huge implications.

How do you prevent your business listings from being run by people that don't bother updating them? If you're Google, you un-verify the page owners after six months of inactivity.

We reference the original version of this card a lot, so here's the 2015 version.

If you are a content publisher (or your clients are) then Apple's news runs on RSS, which you may already have so you might want to take a look at how you can be part of their offering when it's launched in iOS 9.

No update on referral spam.