If we had to sum up what we're most passionate about, data would certainly appear in the top five! As a website owner you have the opportunity to understand how your visitors engage with your website and your web presence in general.

We run one to one or small group clinics. Each session is completely different based on your business needs.

Here are our core aims and we may visit all or a few of these with you:

  • You drive the process, and we ask some directional questions before the session to help us all focus on getting you where you want to be.
  • We look at your existing Analytics with you and your team and help everyone see what's actually happening. 
  • Our aim is to see how your data relates to your business plan. 
  • We give advice and guidance on how to grow your visitor organic numbers and audience.
  • We review the website’s CRO (Conversation Rate Optimisation) and test the site works. 
  • We look at Google’s other tools such as Adwords, Google Webmaster tools and other tracking data with you.
  • We encourage questions. The clinic is not just about the website, we will ask questions about how the site currently fits into your processes and see if we can suggest software solutions to save time (and money).
  • A clinic is a 3-4 hour session and the price includes prior research and some aftercare. With your permission we tape the session and make the audio and notes available. There may be follow up tasks we will pitch to you and quote for, but there is no obligation to use us as a service provider.  

We will need access to your website, Google Analytics and Webmaster tools before the session to start the research.

Get in touch if you’d like to book.