Max was hired at 19 by BT as a developer, where he still has lots of friends to this day, before becoming a freelance user-interface designer. Later moving into data-driven design and analytics analysis, he created a service to teach beginners how to use PC's. He now focusses on front-end development, user experience design and Ruby development. He has basically been coding a lot.


Sam has a history in technical sales and marketing and during her career has marketed many corporates and SMEs. Renowned for her enthusiasm, Sam has spent many years working in technological fields meaning she is able to translate developer speak into 'human'! As Project Manager, Sam's history in sales means she is able to help clients optimise sales opportunities from arrival to checkout and beyond. 



The story began on January 3rd, 1984: the first day Sam met Max. Here's the photo.

In the (roughly) 30 years since that first picture was taken, brother and sister team, Max Shelley and Sam Parnell have worked in design, development, sales and marketing roles for large and small organisations. They have gathered experience in every role and been lucky enough to learn from talented, smart people whom they still seek out.

In 2012, they created their own company Measured Brilliance.

The aim was simple - create unique, bespoke websites for a small group of clients, working with great people and being proud of every single thing. That's still the aim today, and it's been working out well so far.

That's the short version to say the least.



Our Ethos

If it matters to you then it matters to us. We work with a small client base, finding companies with products that we love and helping them make the most of their online presence. Often this is focused on selling more products but also encompasses their relationship with customers and how they communicate online, using email, social media etc. and making sure that technology gets out of the way and allows them to do what they do best - make and sell great products.

If you want to work with a close knit team of professionals, drop us a line.

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